Friday, May 31, 2013

May Goals Review

I'm sorry, but where did May go?  It really flew by, but I think I say that every month.  I'm really starting to resent my 5 months ago self for saying I would do monthly goal review posts.  It's not always fun to confess my failures each month.  Let's get to it, I guess:
  1. Do a project, mostly sewing - Yep, I did a sewing project this month!  Memorial Day is the secret of my success.  I even have a post written up about my re-fashion project scheduled for this week! 
  2. Work out 3x a week - probably not so much.  The first half of the month was busy with graduation stuff and family in town.  The rest of the month I have just been un-motivated lazy.  I think I've gone to Zumba class every Monday, and maybe gone to the gym a couple more times total this month.  (Ugly truth - I weighed myself for the first time in awhile and it is not good.  I need to get serious about losing some weight!)    
  3. Tackle a project around the house - serious sorting and decluttering is happening!  We pulled everything out of the storage closet and took a carload of stuff to Goodwill.  I've sorted through a few more dresser drawers and 2 more bags to donate.  And I finally am getting rid of some of my old formal dresses from high school!  They are being sold at my in-laws garage sale this weekend, so hopefully I get some more shopping money! 
  4. Cook a "real" meal at least 3 days each week - this is still my worst one.  In my defense, I didn't need to cook for the first 2 weeks of May, because we were so busy with family stuff and eating out or at John's parents' house.  Then we had leftovers from the graduation party.  I think I've made a few legitimate meals in the last couple weeks, but I honestly don't remember. 
  5. Stick to a clothing budget - success
  6. Read 50 books.  I'm still on track for the year with 20 so far.  I read 4 books in May, which is pretty good considering all the graduation/family stuff we had going on. 

I mean, I succeeded at 4 of 6, but I still feel like a failure this month.  Probably because my top priority should be working out regularly.  I'm hoping to get on track in June, but I'll be honest, the summer is going to be crazy busy!  

It's also the last day of the "We Love Target" party with Whitney and Heidi.  Today's topic is "Favorite Score," which is really hard to pick.  I went with this floral top, because it's one of my recent favorite buys.  Plus I was excited to wear my new Gap blazer!  

Blazer: Gap
Top: Target
Jeans: Von Maur
Shoes: BCBGeneration


  1. Andi, I love this! It's my favorite look of yours so far! Love reading about the goals too, I brought home a bunch of books to read this summer and I worked on pinning some things to cook, as I really stink at that too.

  2. Great outfit! I really like the new Gap blazer and the pattern mixing with your floral top is so pretty! I think it's a great idea to reflect on your goals each month. True you might feel a little bad about things sometimes but it also helps keep you on track!

  3. Impressive!!! 4 out of 6 is SO good! I feel you on the workout/weigh in shock. Same boat. I need to get my rear in gear, stop eating out or eating so many treats, and work my tail off! Seeing an unflattering photo or an astonishing number on the scale is a wake up call for me to get my act together - in this together, lady!! :)

  4. I love your top! I have the skirt in that print, but would feel no shame if I also picked up the top and dress with that print! Oh, how I love Target :)

    I'm with you on losing weight - UGH. I sometimes get in a groove with working out and such, but if one little thing disrupts my routine, I cannot get back into it!!! I've been battling knee pain for over a month now, and it has really interfered with my ability to work out, and I've been so darn busy that I haven't had much time to make meals, intentionally purchase healthy food options, etc. It's been fast/convenient (aka unhealthy) meals for me lately! :( I feel you, my dear!!!

    I'm excited to see your project!!!

  5. i love this outfit, andi! that floral print is such a great print and even though i don't own anything from target in it, i love that they made it in a skirt and capris, too. thanks for linking up with our target link up last week! :)