Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bathroom Makeover


When we moved into our house (almost 2 years ago), most of the rooms were painted really boring/neutral colors.  The hall bathroom was basically just white.  I didn't change it right away, because I wanted to think about how to decorate in there.  Here are some pictures of how we had it at first:

The brown/zebra/turquoise theme was from our apartment, and I liked it, but I just wanted to do something new/different in this bathroom.  Several months ago, I decided on a color scheme of gray/yellow/white and started looking for textiles that went with my vision.  Here are a couple Polyvore sets I put together:
Hall Bathroom Ideas
Hall Bathroom Ideas
Hall Bathroom - actual
Hall Bathroom - actual 

On a random trip to Target, I pretty much found everything I needed.  Here's the result:  

I am really happy about how it turned out!  I think the gray walls add some interest without being too crazy, and the white/yellow accents keep it bright and cheery.  

I am especially proud of the little artwork cluster.  Sure, I used stencils, but I'm not a very talented artist, so I reserve the right to be excited about simple projects!  I also painted the inside of the vase yellow.  

The zebra and turquoise items have been relocated to the master bathroom for now.  I'll probably decide to paint in there soon.  I'm just so indecisive!  

Are you doing any redecoration projects around the house?  


  1. First off, I love renovation pictures (and TV shows!) and second, yours is fabulous! I've always been a fan of grey/white/yellow. The shower curtain is just too perfect. And nice job on the artwork, I definitely would have thought it store-bought if you hadn't said otherwise!

  2. Love it! Yellow has always been a favorite color in my decorating and that's my main color in my kitchen right now! What's the name of the wall color you used?

    1. It's from Lowe's - I think it is called Cathedral Stone. I go through phases with color schemes that I like, so I have to be careful. After I did the bathroom, I was looking at gray/white/yellow stuff for my bedroom, but decided I needed to diversify a bit!

  3. Love this! The colors are perfect to add some character without being overwhelming!


  4. You're lucky to find all the stuff that you need for your renovation project. Sticking to its simple look was a great idea. I must say that those artwork and the shower curtain injected life to your bathroom. Good choices, Andi!

    -Chase Conely @ GMRoth