Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thoughts on Cost Per Wear

Target week continues with skirts/pants/bottoms!  This skirt was the topic of a recent remix post, and I suspect I will be wearing it quite a bit throughout the summer.  Jenn recently mentioned a theory of shopping where you should be able to wear an item as many times as the dollars you spent on it, so the price per wear is $1 or less (and she's doing a challenge right now about it).  I think most of my clothes end up with a cost per wear of $1 or less (except for fancier dresses, probably).  This skirt cost me $8, and this is the 7th outfit I have blogged.  I don't remember if I have worn it any other times, but I think it is safe to say I will wear it again.

I really like this theory, because I think it takes into consideration how frequently an item will be worn, and how many seasons/years it will be in your wardrobe.  For example, my nude pumps were $40, which is more than I would normally spend on a pair of shoes, but I have probably worn them at least once a week for the last year and a half.  A knit pencil skirt from Target probably won't last for that many wears, so I wouldn't spend more than $10-15 for it.  

Do you have any rules or theories on how much you will spend for certain items?

Blazer and top: Gap
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Seychelles via DSW


  1. The cost per wear idea is interesting, that can be easy when I thrift things, but some things are well worth the bigger price tag. I do love this skirt, definitely a good purchase :)

  2. The skirt is such a great color and fit that it's so versatile. No wonder you have worn it 7 times already!

    When it comes to clothes and shoes, I try to invest in the basics/classics (i.e. blazers, pants) and not so much on the trendier items.

  3. I totally know what you mean about cost per wear. It's something I've definitely become more aware of. And it's always something that bums me out when I realize I haven't worn something very much.

  4. Cost per wear is such a great way to go about shopping. Based on that theory, I should probably spend a little less on jewelry... oops. Your outfit is so cute! I love the shade of that skirt, and it looks great with the stripes!

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  5. SO CUTE! I am a big fan of striped blazers, and I love my turquoise pencil skirt in my closet. I have thought a lot about the $1 per wear thing--and it has made me rethink a lot of my clothes. I think you will definitely wear that skirt to a super-low cpw --haha!
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. Cost per wear is something I never gave much thought to until I started blogging. Once I began documenting my outfits, I had a better idea exactly how much I was repeating certain items, and in turn could see if I was getting my money's worth!

  7. My husband is a huge fan of cost per wear. Sometimes I don't know if something is worth a bigger price tag, so I will buy an inexpensive version of it. If I find myself wearing it over and over again, I will go ahead and buy the piece. Other times, I fall out of love with it and I move the item off my wishlist. I should definitely try to bring the cost per wear down to $1! My husband would love that! :)

  8. Cost per wear is something I need to pay much, much more attention to. Kevin and I sat down this morning to talk about budget and I'm going to need to adhere to a strict budget much more (ugh, both of us in grad school at the same time is ROUGH). I definitely like the idea of having things with a cost per wear right around $1. I'd love to figure out what my cost per wear is on some of my favorite items...and other items that "I HAD TO HAVE" but weren't really smart purchases...

    I love this skirt (we're skirt twinnies!!) and it looks wonderful with your fun striped blazer!!!!