Friday, May 24, 2013

Blue Skirt Remix

For some reason, I don't have much to say today.  It's been a long week and I am super excited for the holiday weekend.  I'm hoping to get some spring cleaning done around the house, and you know, maybe sleep in really late!

Here's a little remix of my blue pencil skirt.  Apparently, I liked wearing it with white-ish sweaters during the fall and winter.  I'll have to mix it up with some other options this summer.

Go check out the other remixers over at AJ Wears Clothes!

Do you have any exciting plans for the long weekend?

Outfit details:
Top: I.N. Studio
Skirt: Target
Necklace: gift - blog swap
Sandals: Carlos Santana via DSW


  1. These colors are quite fabulous on you. I have a blue skirt I'm rather fond of. It looks good with lime green, if that helps :) thanks for linking up! and tweeting! you're such a rockstar!

  2. Love that top with that skirt! I have a pair of pants the same color blue that I wear with gold/tan and leopard print all the time. But I, too, need some summer inspiration!

  3. I really love this printed top, and the skirt looks like it would be really comfortable. I bet it would look cute with pink! (Because that's my new solution to everything haha)

  4. Gorgeous necklace.Rx

  5. Cobalt is so pretty! I love how it looks with black, myself...but I'm not the most imaginative :)