Monday, May 27, 2013

May Shopping

Two posts in one day!  This is what happens when I have routine posts to fit in with my random daily ones.  

It's the end of the month, so time to add up my purchases.  I feel pretty good about my May shopping!  Until a little trip to the mall this weekend, my shopping consisted of the items pictured above.  If shopping was like poker, I'd have a decent hand of three pair -  2 striped dresses, 2 boyfriend cardigans, 2 scarves.    
On Friday, I felt like a little shopping after work would be fun, and I found the following things!  
  • Gap Blazer: $16 (originally $88) (pictured here)
  • Gap confetti tee: $10 (originally $30) (worn here)
  • NY&Co belt: $5 (originally $14) - I got the blue one, which is more cobalt than navy in real life. 
Total: $79 (originally  $294)

The only thing that is a little bit questionable is the blazer.  I love it, but I'm not sure how well it will play with the rest of my wardrobe.  The hot pink lining is fun, but if I have it showing, it will limit the other colors I can wear.  I think I might wear it more in the fall, with the sleeves un-rolled.

In other budget/wardrobe news:

  • I also returned the Prabal Gurung sandals that I bought back in March.  They just didn't look right on me, so back to the store they went!     
  • I did some more sorting/purging in my closet and took 2 loads of stuff to Goodwill.  
  • I have another pile for the consignment shop, so I'm hoping to get there sometime this week. 
  • I'm heading to a work conference in Orlando next week, and I think the hotel is pretty close to an outlet mall.  I'm hoping to sneak away for a few hours and check out my favorite non-Nebraska stores again.  Then I'm hoping to not shop much in the rest of June.
Did you stick to your budget in May?  Go link up with Franish and check out the other Budgeting Bloggers!


  1. You did great this month! I just starting typing up my budget post last night...and it is not pretty haha.

  2. I really like everything you got this month! I bought my sister that confeti tee a few weeks ago and she loves it - I almost wish I had gotten it for myself! Thank you so much for linking up with budgeting bloggers month after month - it means a lot!

  3. You got some great stuff this month! Love the bright colors in the cardigans and dresses- very spring! I've been looking for a floral print scarf- yours looks gorgeous (and is a great price!)

  4. Love it all! I especially like the floral scarf...but I have a panic attack every time I step into a F21. You've inspired me to go to the Gap now.

    Ashley @ The Preppy Runner

  5. Nice work this month! You always find such colorful, fun, versatile pieces!!! I especially love the striped dresses and coral cardigan :)

  6. I bought a few things at Old Navy this month too! The sales they were having were absolutely crazy! I love when that happens :) I love both dresses that you got - the stripes and colors are so summer-y!

  7. You got great deals. I really like the striped dresses and the scarves.

  8. I think Old Navy sucked us all in this month! Every blogger I read ended up there, myself included! I love the colors you added to your closet this month. Cobalt blue is still my favorite color, so I love that cardigan! I did okay this month (I did GREAT compared to last month) but my goal was definitely to try to not spend anything after last month's fiasco, so that was not successful.