Monday, May 6, 2013

Graduation Celebration

This weekend was crazy busy, but lots of fun!  My sister-in-law, Becca, graduated from college on Saturday, so the whole family was in town to celebrate!  We spent as much time as possible with all the out-of-town guests, and of course, spent Saturday at graduation and then an open-house in Becca's honor.  

I just have to show off how cute the cake table turned out!  My mother-in-law knows how to throw a classy party!

How was your weekend?  Any graduation parties to attend?

**Please excuse the wrinkles in my dress!  We were sitting at graduation for a few hours before taking pictures!

Dress: Daniel Cremieux
Belt: Gap
Boots: Guess


  1. I love the beautiful green dress paired with the brown belt and boots. Very cute and the green looks really good on you!

    The cake table is adorable and congrats to your sister-in-law! Kayla graduates at the beginning of June so I am in full grad party planning mode and freaking out, lol! Heather

  2. Congratulations to your sister-in-law! I love graduations! My brother-in-law is graduating next spring, and I'm already excited to go (I'm a dork, I know). They're just so exciting and inspiring!

    You look so pretty in that color green, and I love how it looks with the cognac accessories. I have a dress that same color but I've only worn it with black before. I'll have to try it out with brown, like you did!!

  3. Lovely outfits. I am crazy for parties and going to attend bachelorette party at LA venues in next week. Have got a nice idea for the day from your blog. Hope to enjoy the day with friend like you all had fun. Any suggestion for the day?