Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mysterious and Spooky

 Last week, I went to see The Addams Family musical with my MIL and SIL.  We met up for dinner before the show, and I took another step in the "taking pictures in public" direction.  I set up my tripod right on the sidewalk and took pictures as people drove by.  I got a few funny looks, but it wasn't too bad!

The show was okay.  I felt like I wasn't in on some of the jokes, because I never watched the TV show.  I actually was thinking of The Munsters, so I was surprised when the dad wasn't Frankenstein.  It's just hard to keep these 1960's spooky family sitcoms straight!

Dress: Banana Republic Outlet
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Seychelles via DSW
Purse: Thrifted


  1. Ha ha! I remember watching both of those shows when I was little. We found The Addams Family movie on You Tube and my 7 yr old was entranced by it!

    Super cute dress. Green is such a great color on you and the floral scarf is a great addition!


  2. How fun to see that musical, I used to go to a lot more shows than I do now. I did get to see Lion King when it was here last, that was super cool.
    Way to take pictures in public. I haven't ventured past my drive away yet. Maybe this summer :)

  3. Whoah big step with the public photos!! I haven't done the tri-pod for public photos yet. I have my boyfriend take them if I'm out somewhere, and then I just look like a tourist =)

  4. Love the green dress! The floral scarf give the whole outfit a nice little flair!