Friday, September 16, 2016

Police Encounter

I'm pretty much a rule-follower, so I haven't gotten into very much trouble in my life.  Whenever I think I might be in trouble with an authority figure, I kind of panic, frequently cry.  A few years ago, I got pulled over for not stopping long enough at a stop sign (I stopped, I am 100% sure he was just bored), and the conversation went something like this:

Police Officer: Miss, are you crying?
Me:  *sniff sniff* NO *sniff sniff*   yes

Another time, I got caught at a checkpoint because my registration had expired over a year prior, but the reminder thing got lost in the mail, and I never thought about renewing it.  Oops!

So you can see my run-ins with the law have been pretty rare and pretty lame.  Until this past weekend...  (dun dun dun)

We went to dinner and it's always a bit of an ordeal getting all the kids and the bag and our to-go drinks into the car.  As I was backing out, there was a police car that looked like it was waiting for my spot, but then they were motioning all crazy to me, and I totally panicked.  I didn't know if they wanted me to go or stay or what.  I just pulled back into my spot, while John was like "what are you doing??"  The cops pulled up further and hollered at me "There's a drink on your roof!  That's a party foul!"  Ohhhhh, that makes sense.  My life of crime continues.

(this is what I happened to be wearing that day)

Shirt: Old Navy Maternity
Jacket: JCF
Shorts: Loft maternity
Shoes: Sperry


  1. Cute casual outfit. At lease the cop was helping you out this time around.

  2. I was pulled over earlier this year for a busted headlight. I saw the cop's lights in my rearview while driving on a busy road, but I hate when people block traffic when they get pulled over, so I went to the next side street. I got an unnecessarily aggressive lecture from the cop not to ever do that again. If I could have communicated to him in emojis, I would have sent him the eyeroll emoji (which is currently one of my most frequently used ones. If I had your cop, I would have sent him a thumbs up emoji.