Thursday, May 10, 2012

Did you miss me?

Be honest, did you even know I was on vacation?  I was sneaky and had some scheduled posts, because I'm paranoid and was sure if I admitted I would be gone, that someone would come break into my house.  I'm back now, and the house wasn't broken into, which means my decision to keep it a secret was pretty smart!

So here's where I was:

It's okay if you are jealous. I'm a little jealous of my 3-days-ago self.  Living in Nebraska, it's not convenient to get to the ocean very often.  Linoma Beach just doesn't quite cut it.    

On our trip home, we had a layover in San Juan airport, which has this cool map of the world with a pop-out for the Caribbean islands.  John was a good sport and took a picture of me pointing to St. Croix, where we were. 
fun. t-shirt, american eagle short, gap flip flops

It's a sweet little island with beautiful beaches and friendly people.  We had a great time and I would definitely go back some day.  You should plan a visit - and take me with you! 

I'm still going through pictures, but I'm sure I will have a few more vacation posts in the next few days.  And then it will be back to regular outfit of the day posts.

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