Monday, December 30, 2013

December Shopping

December clothing

December was kind of an awkward shopping month.  I didn't really "go shopping" for myself, but I did pick up a few things when I was Christmas shopping for others.  Then I met my sister for lunch on the day after Christmas, and found some great items at Gap for an additional 50% off!

I'm including both things I bought and things I received as presents.  Most of my Christmas presents were clothes, because that's what I asked for! So here's the breakdown:

Christmas Presents:
*Gap boyfriend cardigan - Black
Gap Black/White striped tank
Gap boyfriend cardigan - Pink
*Gap workout pants
Target Red polka dot scarf
Old Navy Polar bear sweatshirt

Purchased by me:
*Black skinny jeans (similar): $30 (originally $60)
Black and White Tank tops: $6/each  (originally $20/each)
Pajama pants: $10 (originally $30)
*Workout pants: $11 (originally $60)
*Workout capris: $11 (originally $50)
Cream sweater (similar): $8 (originally $50)
Navy top: $4 (originally $25)
Coral top: $4 (originally $25)

Black tights: $4 (originally $5)
Navy tights: $6 (originally $8)

TJ Maxx:
Fleece-lined legging tights: $7 (originally $18)
Thick footless tights: $5 (originally $18)
Calvin Klein gloves: $12 (originally $30)

Total spent:  $124 (originally $419)

My purchases were definitely more practical this month.  I think I'm about set on tights for the winter, as long as none of them get snagged.  I'm also pretty excited about finding Gap workout pants for $13.  Shorts just aren't practical when it is 7 degrees outside.    

Since it is the end of the year, I am happy to share that I am $92 under budget for 2013!  I really need a new pair of tennis shoes for the gym, so I'm going to set that money aside for those.

I'm keeping the same budget rules in 2014.  I might do a shopping ban at some point, but for now, I'm going to stick with what works!

How'd you do in December?  Check out the other Budgeting Bloggers!


  1. Oh wow you got a lot of great deals, those workout pants were a great find! And good job staying under budget for the year!

  2. You found some seriously amazing deals! And that's amazing that you're under budget for the entire year! Congrats!


  3. Most of my Christmas presents were clothes too! Getting clothes that don't come out of the monthly budget is such a good feeling! Oh and that bear sweatshirt is so cute :)

  4. Congrats on being under budget! Such a good feeling.

  5. You did a pretty good job this month, and you got some great versatile pieces. :) I was a little "bad" in December regarding my budget. I had hoped not to spend more than $50 - HAH. year right!

  6. Ooh, you did a great job this month (and year!!), Andi! I'm really loving those cardigans, especially. Why did it take me so long to jump on the boyfriend cardigan bandwagon? I can't stop wearing mine :)