Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Currently December

I'm starting to think these "currently" posts are just invented to make me feel bad about myself.  Do I even do anything?  Am I even a person???

making - um.  Nothing.  Should I be making something?  Like fancy DIY presents for everyone or some fabulous holiday dessert?  I guess I'm making excuses for not making anything else.  So that works.  

listening - I'm not quite in the mood for Christmas music yet, but I hope I get there soon.  And then I will be listening to the Christmas albums from Weezer and Relient K.  Any recommendations on newer Christmas music to check out?  

wrapping - I also haven't wrapped anything yet.  I've purchase just a couple Christmas presents, but most of the things I need to buy will be shipped directly to the recipients, so I don't need to wrap much this year.  

watching - Gilmore Girls!  I have been told for many many years that I should watch this show, because I apparently talk like Lorelei and Rory.  I hadn't ever seen an episode until it came out on Netflix and I've been watching a few here and there.  I like it.  I'm not sure I talk like them, but it's possible.  

anticipating - CHRISTMAS!!!  Despite my lazy answers to the above prompts, I am really excited for Christmas.  

What are you currently doing?  Link up with  In Residence and Dearest Love to share your answers!  

Cardigan: Gap Factory (similar)
Top; Gap (similarsimilar)
Skirt: Old Navy (similarsimilar)
Necklace: F21 (exactsimilar)
Boots: Steve Madden (exact)


  1. At least you've gotten a start on Christmas shopping! I have a feeling that will be my least favorite task this year because it'll be so much harder to get done, and I usually love shopping for family once I get some good ideas going!

    I've never watched Gilmore Girls but I'm watching an obscene amount of tv while home on maternity leave, I'll admit. Although to make myself feel better, a lot of the time it's just background noise. I'm currently hooked on Scandal but maybe Gilmore Girls should be something I check out next! :)

  2. Haha, to each her own. Not making things might be a good idea (I always overdue it on the Christmas decorating/gifting self-expectations), and direct shipping = smart. I've never watched Gilmore Girls either. If it's on Netflix Instant I might just have to get addicted... nice for the cold months :)

  3. I have so many DIY Christmas plans but not enough time! I love that pretty skirt on you! Ever since I saw you wear it I've been wanting a cobalt skirt! You look great!

  4. Hahaha. At least you managed to actually write a "Currently" post. I didn't even do that! I bought a couple of new Christmas albums this from Idina Menzel and one from Darius Rucker. I'm a big Christmas music fan so I love them already!

  5. I'm currently redoing my kitchen. I have yet to put up my Christmas stuff. Which I not normal for me.

  6. Haha I was reading through them and pretty much the only thing I can fill out for myself is watching... tons of Netflix! I think this time of the year people just want to hibernate in front of the tv. Or at least I do!

  7. ugh, I wish I were excited for Christmas. It just feels so weird to listen to Christmas music when it's 40+ degrees and sunny outside. And it's only supposed to get warmer! I really like this outfit on you. This cardigan is so perfect. Wear it again real soon please and thanks :)

  8. Oh my gosh, I love this outfit on you too! You look great! And I am totally with you on feeling bad about your life when you do "currently" posts. Basically all I ever do is watch Netflix, blog, and snuggle with my dogs. Boring. But YES to the Relient K Christmas album (they were one of my favorite bands for yearrrs). For new Christmas music, I recommend checking out Pentatonix, The Blenders, and Hanson's Christmas album :)

  9. Gilmore Girls is all over this linkup! Haha. I'm actually watching it right now, too! I had forgotten how good it is!