Thursday, April 3, 2014

Looking Lucky in Lace

I love a good style challenge, so when I saw Sarah's April Looking Lucky Style Challenge, I had to jump in!  I'm going to try to do all 10, but some will be a stretch.  I mean, I don't think I have anything with fringe on it.  We might have to get creative!  

But lace!  Lace is easy!  I've had this top for just over a year and worn it more times than I can count.  I just love how the lace turns a white t-shirt into something fun and interesting.  I really need a replacement, because this one is starting to look a little rough without a layer.

Come back tomorrow for an announcement about next week.  Hint - it might be a theme week.

Jacket & Skirt: J.Crew factory
Top: H&M
Necklace: F21
Shoes: Target


  1. Yess!! I can't wait to hear what the next theme week will be! This is a really cute look. The leopard and lace make a great pair!

  2. I don't know your closet by heart, but I do recognize this top! It really is an all-star!

  3. Wow, I really love everything about this look on you. I have been searching my brain for ideas for the fringe theme, too! I think I have a necklace that'll work. We shall see.

  4. Cute look, friend!!

  5. I'm going to have to hope on this style challenge. Can't wait to see what the next them week is.

  6. That skirt is all kinds of awesome. I had taken a leopard print skirt off my wish list, but now I'm questioning that. Self-control!!! ;)