Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Safety First


So, one weird thing about being married is that you end up with all these inside jokes, and no one else has any idea what you are talking about.  BUT, since I spend the majority of my free time with John (who is in on the joke), I forget that other people don't know what is so funny.  And it probably isn't funny, but we think it is, so that's all that matters.  Maybe this isn't a weird thing about being married.  It might just be a weird thing about being married to me.

Anyway, "Safety first!" is one of these things.  Last summer, John bought a few of those fancy workout t-shirts off the clearance racks and they are obnoxiously bright neon, which is probably why they were on sale! Like, I need sunglasses to look at him.  Since I'm the best wife ever, I was teasing him about his ridiculously bright shirts, and now every time he wears one, I say "Safety first!" in an obnoxiously nerdy way.  It's hilarious, trust me (it probably isn't).  This has evolved into us saying this and discussing the level of safety of any person we see wearing neon items.  And these people are everywhere!  Especially on a Caribbean Cruise - there was a lot of neon swimwear.  Needless to say, we felt very safe on our vacation.

All that to say, neon is the last theme I needed to tackle for Sarah's April Looking Lucky Style Challenge.  I don't have a whole lot of neon options, so I knew I needed to plan an outfit around this belt.  Then I remembered my confetti t-shirt is kind of neon-friendly, and then I added my bright yellow cardigan to be extra safe.  It was nice to be dressed so cheerfully on the dreaded first day back at work after vacation.

Tee & Shoes: Gap
Cardigan: Old Navy (dyed by me)
Skirt: Target
Belt: Chinese Laundry     


  1. That polka dot tee is amazing! I bet it goes with so many things...and who can ever get enough of polka dots?!

  2. My husband and me have a lot of inside joke too. Your shirt is super cute.

  3. This is definitely bright and cheerful! I love that polka dot top. Jim and I have a ton of inside jokes. I can't imagine not having silly little inside jokes with each other!

  4. I really, really, really like this outfit. Really. It's so perfect for spring, and it has happy written all over it!

  5. I love inside jokes. It's like a secret no one else knows about so therefore they make me feel special, :)

  6. That is such a great tee and welcome back!

    I love inside jokes! My husband and I have so many, that our kids say we are almost speaking another language. We have a neon joke, too. Our kids wear neon shirts and one has bright, bright green neon shoes. Whenever they wear it, we always let them start and then say, "I'm sorry your (shirt, shoes, etc.) is so loud that I didn't hear a thing you just said." and if it's people we don't know, we point to the "really loud (girl, guy, kid, etc.) in the corner or at the other table." We know we are insufferable, but we've never even tried to curb ourselves.

  7. This tee makes me happy, and it makes me think of Dippin' Dots, which makes me hungry.

  8. Oh my gosh, I actually think that's super funny! I can just hear you saying it :) I tease Kevin about his workout shirts as well - he got some muscle tees on clearance to run in, and I think that muscle tees on guys typically look ridiculous (and kind of automatically make them look like bros). Whenever he wears them, I playfully tease him about his muscle tees and how AMAZING his muscles look in them...and then he rolls his eyes and I laugh hysterically to myself. I think I'm so funny ;)