Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Currently December

First Wednesday of the month means it is time to do the Currently linkup.  Go check out In Residence and Gold and Bloom.

wishing - that it wasn't quite so cold outside.  I am not a winter person, and with a baby, it's even worse!  I'm worried we will be staying home a lot during these cold months.  
remembering - last year around this time we were just starting to plan the nursery and figuring out what to register for.  And I hadn't told the blog that I was pregnant yet!  It's crazy how quickly time has gone!
wrapping - nothing yet!  I just started my Christmas shopping yesterday.  I honestly don't even think I have any wrapping paper.  Better buy some.  
baking - this again?  I don't really bake much, okay!  Or maybe I should edit my first category to "wishing I was baking chocolate chip cookies"
decorating - again, oops!  Nothing so far.  We need to get the Christmas box out of the storage closet and make our house somewhat festive!  

So I looked up my Currently post from last December.  Not much has changed!  I hadn't wrapped anything yet then either!  

And since I've been the worst at outfit pictures (or really outfits) recently.  Here are a few family photos from Thanksgiving.

*Mr. Baby is a bit of a drooler these days, but he's still pretty cute.  


  1. Isn't it crazy to think back a year like that? When Hendrik was that age I remember thinking how it was hard to imagine not being a mom, but just a year earlier I had never even met him.

    p.s. mr baby's shooeees!!

  2. I haven't started wrapping anything either.

  3. I am not a winter person either and hate the cold and I also haven't started wrapping anything yet! The decorating is done and I'll start baking cookies this weekend!

  4. I'm in the running for being the worst at outfit pictures lately, too. But you have your hand full. Mr. Baby is such a drool machine! (I say that in a kind way)