Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Shopping

Another month of minimal shopping. But I will still link up with Franish

JCF Cardigan: $17 (originally $55)

So basically, I didn't spend anywhere near my budget for the year.  I have over $700 leftover, which is crazy.  I guess having a baby saves money in certain areas of the budget.  I'm not even going to try rolling that over into the new year.  I'll just start fresh in January.  I do really need a new pair of tennis shoes, which I have been saying for over a year.  I just don't know what to get.  

I did get a couple clothing items for Christmas, too.  But I couldn't find them online, so no pictures.  I got some new pajamas, a red sweater, and a purple sweater.  I think the sweaters will be nice additions to my wardrobe.


  1. Way to go with your budgeting this year.

  2. I started wondering recently how my shopping habits would change if I had a baby. Is it the baby that minimizes shopping, or is it keeping busy that does? Either way, good job this year! Hopefully you find the perfect tennis shoes!