Tuesday, December 15, 2015

November Minsgame - Finale

So I'm not entirely sure how it is December 15th already!  But time is going faster and faster.  Despite my blogging failure, I did continue the November Minsgame.  This is my final collage, but I've been continuing to go through stuff and get rid of things (or at least I have big boxes in the basement that need to be taken to Goodwill and consignment, etc).  It's progress! Here's my last few days:

22: Socks - okay, I don't wear socks that often.  Unless I'm wearing boots or tennis shoes, I'm probably sockless.  So why do I have a large drawer full of socks?  No one knows.  I still have way more than I should, but I got rid of about half.
23: More closet cleanout.  I have a big bag for ThredUp and another set I am taking to consignment, hopefully today.
24/25: CDs.  I had sold a bunch of CDs a couple months ago, and these were the stragglers that CD Tradepost didn't want.  I sent them in to DeCluttr, and am making about $12.
26: Baby stuff that we didn't end up using.  Not pictured because it is in a bag in the baby's room and he is napping.  I'm hoping to take this to consignment today, too.
27: More random stuff to Goodwill.  Since I started this, I'll just see things in my house that I have no idea why we have kept.  Also, John cleaned out his closet.
28/29: So many books!  We rarely re-read books, so why do we have bookshelves full of them?  Again, no one knows.  I took these (and some DVDs) to sell and made $30!
30: DVDs. I took these to CD Tradepost and made $20.

Honestly, I'm embarrassed at how easy it was to do this project in November.  I don't miss anything that we got rid of, and our home is still quite full.  I'm hoping to keep this up by tackling different areas of the house, pulling everything out, and getting downsized/organized.  I'll never be a real minimalist, but I want to at least keep an eye on things so the "stuff" doesn't take over.


  1. I totally failed at finishing the challenge in that last week of November, but still have been getting rid of some stuff and keeping track of it. I'm determined to hit that number even if it takes me an extra month. :) great work for sticking with it!

  2. don't it feel great to get rid of things.


  3. I am also finding things around the house that make me question why I kept it... I have a tub that I use to collect those types of things and once it's full I plan to take it somewhere! I agree that I'll never be a real minimalist either, but I am also trying to keep my things in check! Good job in finishing out the challenge!

  4. Wow! I'm impressed! We moved into our new place a few months ago and only finally (last week) got around to taking care of some boxes that had been sitting around since we moved in. Mostly it was just my husband throwing away stuff, but it started to make me question so many things I have been keeping. Like, do I really need to keep broken sunglasses? Yeah, it sucks that they broke and that I had to buy new ones, but it's not like they were doing me any good keeping them. Maybe I'll try the minsgame next summer!