Saturday, July 13, 2013

Book Review - The Art of Racing in the Rain

I really ought to write book reviews immediately after finishing a book.  I mean, I read this book back in April, and have been meaning to write a post about it ever since.  Ridiculous.  I'll do my best.

I had seen The Art of Racing in the Rain at various bookstores and didn't really know what it was about.  I thought it was about dog races or something.  I mean, picture of a dog, title with "racing."  So I wasn't interested.  Then my friend Anne was reading it when I was in Arizona.  Then about a week later, it was announced as a Literary Junkies book club selection.  I put it on reserve at the library and immediately got it (What?!), so I read it right away.

Big surprise - the book isn't about dog races at all.  It is told from the perspective of a dog (Enzo), but it is really more about the family that he loves and the struggles they go through.  The "racing" piece is a reference to his owner's profession as a race car driver.  I thought it was a great book.

Enzo's "voice" is endearing and funny.  He actually reminded me of Pat Peoples from Silver Linings Playbook.  I was emotionally invested from the beginning.  There were parts that got a little frustrating, because if the story is told from the dog's perspective, then how can he know what happens in places where dogs are not allowed?  Dog imagination time, weird!  Since it has been awhile, I don't remember a lot of details, but overall, I would recommend this book.  Just have some tissues handy because you may get a little teary.

Have you read this book?  What did you think?        


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