Saturday, July 27, 2013

July Budget Recap

July has been a whirlwind month, but I managed to do quite a bit of shopping when my sister was in town!  I also had to return the tankini top that I bought in June, because it was completely ill-fitting. So my annual budget is still looking good.

Here's the breakdown of what I bought this month.  There are a few impulse purchases in here, but I think I got some great items this month!

Striped Tank Top: $11 (originally $25)
Printed tank top: $14 (originally $23)
Smile Sweater: $6 (originally $40?)
Hoodie sweater: $4 (originally $60)
Green stripe cardigan: $8 (originally 45)
3 Threadless t-shirts: $2.50 each (originally $30 each)

Old Navy:
Gray striped tee: $5 (originally $10)
Purple striped Tee: $5 (originally $10)

Dillard's - I used a $50 gift card from Christmas
Pink Polka dot skirt: $12 (originally $100) (worn here)
Leopard sequin tank top: $12 (originally $70) (not pictured - worn here)
Floral shoes: $10 (originally $50) (not pictured - seen here - I got the pink ones)
Dress: $28 (originally $140) (worn here)
Lace pocket top: $17 (originally $60)

Goodwill (not pictured)
Gap Long and Lean Jeans: $1 (originally $70)
Bitten by SJP jeans: $1 (originally $30+)

Total Purchases: $141.50 (originally$825)
Minus Gift Card: $50
Total out of pocket: $91.50

I'm hoping to get focused on my wishlist items again, and really track down some higher-quality staples, instead of buying random things on the sale racks.  I really need a few good pairs of replacement shoes, so maybe I will find them in August!?

How'd you do in July?  Link up with Franish!  


  1. I love threadless tees! I have several straight from the site, so I cannot believe you got these for $2.50! You got some really good sales/deals overall!

  2. Wow! You got a lot of great stuff, and for under a hundred dollars! Great job!

  3. Visiting from the Budgeting Bloggers- and I cannot believe what a great bargain-hunter you are! This stuff is so great, and the price is even better!


  4. I'm super jealous of your GAP jeans find at Goodwill!

  5. I used to have a closet full of Threadless tees in college - it's almost all I would wear at the time! I still love looking at their site...and Kevin wears tons of Threadless tees, so I'll buy him a tee or two once in a while :) I just love the pink polka dot skirt you bought!!

  6. The deals you got are incredible! GAP items for $5- crazy! Plus all those items from Dillards will last a really long time!

  7. Wow, you've found such good deals! Love the polka dot skirt!