Monday, July 1, 2013

Goals Review for June

Happy July!  The good news is that my sister and nieces are in town and we are likely having way too much fun!  The bad news is that a new month means it is goal review time!  June was rough, for various reasons.  It was another busy month of traveling to a few places, and trying to spend time with friends and family as much as possible, while maintaining some order around my house and trying to stay on top of things at work.  It just feels like there is a lot going on right now!  This review is going to be painful - try not to judge me too much.  I reserve the right to bend the rules on all subjects. 
  • Do a project, mostly sewing - well... I did re-hem my gold skirt.  AND I found 2 old necklaces that my dad bought in Israel in the 80s, and I re-strung them.  So, those are both projects, right?     
  • Work out 3x a week - not so much.  I've had a lot going on in the evenings, and just haven't made exercise a priority.  Funny thing is, I've actually lost weight this month, because I started tracking my calories.  I'm down about 8 pounds!  It's a good reminder that diet and exercise are both so important.  I'm also kicking myself, because imagine how much more I would have lost if I'd been consistently exercising this month!! 
  • Tackle a project around the house - I haven't done any big projects, but I am still making progress toward sorting and getting rid of things.  It's hard to tackle projects when I'm not around on the weekends. 
  • Cook a "real" meal at least 3 days each week - yeah, not so much on this one either.  
  • Stick to a clothing budget - success!  This is the only goal I can consistently achieve! 
  • Read 50 books.  I'm falling behind on this one.  I've finished just 2 books in June, but I'm halfway through 2 other books.  
So yeah, June was not a banner month for my goals!    I suspect July won't be much better, as I have a lot of stuff still going on, but I will try to get on track!  

Halfway through the year, I'm feeling sort of like a failure, but I'm doing better than I did last year!  Small victories, right?

How are you doing on your annual goals??  

Cardigan & Skirt: Loft
Top: Old Navy
Shoes: Anne Klein


  1. I really like this top, Andi, cute! I really didn't set any goals, so you're way ahead of me :)

  2. I am in love with this outfit! This skirt was a great purchase and it looks great with the floral tank and blue accents!

  3. I really should set some goals, with exercise being first and foremost. With the exception of soccer games on the weekend and swimming laps once or twice a week, I am terrible. Anyway, I really like the way the yellows and blues of the outfit play off one another!

  4. I'm so glad you are tracking your goals. Have you noticed that blogging has helped you stay more accountable? Before I started this blog, I had a private tumblr that I would blog about my monthly goals and I kind of miss it. I'm thinking about adding a little more about my life to my blog than just my clothes (although that will still largely be the focus)...but I'm not 100% sure yet.

    It sounds like you're able to meet some of your goals, which is awesome! Congrats on your exercising and calorie tracking! I'm the worst at tracking my food...I always forget!! Oops.