Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sandal Problems

Sometimes, certain clothing items are just not meant to be in my wardrobe.  Like these sandals.  I bought them last August in New Mexico, because they were $4, and they were super cute.  Since it was the end of summer, I didn't wear them very many times.  This year, I've tried to wear them on a few occasions and changed my mind before I left the house.  Something was off, and they weren't very uncomfortable.  My mother-in-law has the same sandals, and she just cut off the back strap, so I thought I'd try it, too.  I like the look of them, but the strap removal just made them more uncomfortable.  Honestly, I think the arches in my feet are just too high for this type of sandal.  Before I even went into work, I change into these wedges that were in my car from the previous day. Good thing they matched my outfit!  I'm sad to say that I am breaking up with the Target sandals for good.

I'm jumping in on Sarah's "Pin to Real Life" challenge today.  When I saw Chelsea's outfit, I was excited because I have the same dress!  I thought I'd try the monochromatic look, so I added my blue shoes, belt, and purse.

You can also find me over at My New Favorite Outfit, where I'm answering Ginny's "Style Spotlight" questions and showing some of my favorite looks.    Go check it out!

Dress, Sandals & Purse: Target
Cardigan: Old Navy
Belt: NY&Co
Necklace and ring: F21


  1. Bummer about the sandals :( fun blog challenge today!

  2. I love this dress! I tried it on in the store but it didn't look good on me at all, but you look fabulous, I'm so jealous! =) I'm loving the monochromatic look too!

  3. What a great dress! I really like your monochromatic theme too. It reminds me of the water. Bummer about the sandals!

  4. Bummer. I have those same sandals in silver. I wore them so much last year, but this year feel like they don't go well with any of my dresses. Despite the sandal problems, this is a really pretty outfit!

  5. Gosh how frustrating! But good for you trying to make them work so many times!!! Love the styling of this dress :)

  6. I'm glad you tried to make your sandals work, but such a bummer that they still aren't what you like/need/want. Booooo. I love your outfit, though! I tried this dress on at Target and REALLY wanted to like it, but it looked pretty awful on me :( I'll admire from afar on you! I love how you pulled out the cobalt with your belt, shoes, and bag - it looks great!