Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Many Blue Skirts Does One Blogger Need?

Three, apparently.  About 6 months ago, for some reason, I got it in my head that I really needed a COBALT blue pencil skirt.  Even though I already had 2 other blue pencil skirts (here and here).  There was one at J.Crew Factory that I really wanted, but it never went on sale enough for me to take the plunge.  Then I saw this knit option at Old Navy on black Friday (yeah, way back in NOVEMBER).  Since I love my Old Navy knit striped pencil skirt, I thought this would be perfect.  So I bought it.  And then I didn't wear it for 4 months.  Yeah, that's probably evidence that I didn't need it.  Oops.

Anyway, this is it's big debut on the blog.  Pretty exciting.  I wore this a couple Friday's ago to work, and then to the outlet mall to check out J.Crew Factory's big 50% off sale.  Where I probably bought more things I don't really need.  But I've already worn most of them, so at least they won't be ignored for 4 months!

Anyway, I've been thinking I really need a NAVY blue skirt now.  That's completely different, right?

Last time I wore this shirt, Brynn asked for a close-up of the pattern.  So here you go!             

Jacket: Target
Shirt: J.Crew Factory
Skirt & Shoes: Old Navy


  1. The cobalt is totally different than your other 2! I totally would have bought it, too. It really looks nice with that top and your shoes.

    1. I also just realized I have 3 navy skirts. And another light blue one. Don't listen to skirt buying advice from me! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh I love the print of this top! Thanks to Brynn for the close up request! Old Navy always almost gets me with their pencil skirts too. They are so cute, but really I already have skirts almost exactly like most of them. Luckily I remember that before it's too late.

  3. You are having me wanting to add a blue skirt to my closet.

  4. I need a cobalt skirt, I tried one at JCP but didn't like the fit, this one is really cute :)

  5. I'm pretty sure we all need at least one or two! I actually keep looking at mine in the closet because it's too cold to wear it. Mine has mint on it as well and just looks silly with tights.

    Cute outfit!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. Cobalt is the answer. Always remember that, Andi.

    You look pretty edgy in this jacket. I love it. ;)

  7. i'll take one of your blue skirts, i only have navy and turquoise... i think it's fair to say i definitely need some cobalt in my closet. :) i also love the print on your top, thanks for the close-up!

  8. Eeee! The print on this top is so cool! Thank you so much for the close-up!! I'm glad you're finally wearing your cobalt skirt - it's so cute, and I can see you wearing it in a lot of different ways :) Perhaps you'll feel more inspired to wear it in the spring/summer when you don't need to worry about tights!