Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Doctors and Duck Ponds

I wore this a couple weeks ago for my big exciting ultrasound.  John and Mr. Baby came with, and then they went and ate lunch at the duck pond nearby while I had my appointment.  And then I got lunch and found them.  Incidentally, these shoes are not that comfortable for walking around a duck pond.  

Ultrasounds are so weird and so incredible.  We got to see Baby2 doing all his crazy moves, and he stubbornly kept his legs in front of his face so our 3D face  pictures look like he has toes growing out of his forehead.  The tech assured us he doesn't. 

FYI, I won't be posting any ultrasound pics.  I guess I just feel like photos taken of the inside of me shouldn't be on the Internet.  Even though u/s pics pretty much all look the same!  

Jacket: JCF
Tank: ON maternity
Skirt:   Via Bella Gravida
Shoes: ON

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