Monday, March 14, 2016

Maternity Box Clothes

Here's what I wore on Friday, which happened to be another evening when I had Bible study, as well as a going away happy hour for an old co-worker.     

Anyway, this shirt is from a maternity clothing rental company called Bella Gravida.  After I cancelled LeTote, I remembered that Katie had mentioned a similar company for maternity clothes, so I tracked down her post about it, and decided to give it a try.  The first month was only $5, so I figured it would be fun even if I didn't like it.  Well, I loved my first box!  I'd be really tempted to keep all 3 items if I needed more clothes.  I'm sure I will write more about it later, but so far, I like it.  Of course, I probably won't go past my $5 month, because again, I don't have much reason to get dressed up these days, but I'm hoping to at least get a fun Easter dress out of the deal!  

And yeah, I should have taken pictures before sitting for 4 hours and getting a crease in my shirt.  Oops!

Shirt: Bellyssima via Bella Gravida (Not sponsored)
Jeans: ON Maternity (exact)
Shoes: Target (similar)


  1. Your baby bump is too cute.

  2. i really like this top! maternity clothing has really elevated over the years it seems. hooray for a better version of le tote, too. i have been having serious issues with them which makes me think it's finally time to cancel for good

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