Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fingertip Length??

When I was in school, we usually had at least 1 non-uniform day each month.   I don't remember anyone wearing skirts on non-uniform days, but I know shorts had to be fingertip length.  I can only imagine skirts would have had to be even longer.  I always thought the finger tip length rule was unfair to those of us with monkey arms.  This was before bermuda shorts and capri pants made a comeback, so it was fairly impossible to follow this rule.  I mostly just tried to never let my arms hang down at my sides, so no one would notice my rebellion. 

Anyway, I wore this outfit to work the other day.  I found the skirt a couple months ago at Goodwill.  A super cute pink J.Crew skirt for $3.50!  I couldn't resist.  So when the weather turned warm, I was excited to wear my new skirt!  About 30 minutes after I got to work, I realized how short this skirt truly is.  I'm 100% sure I would have been sent home from high school if I had shown up in this.  Don't worry, my office has a pretty laid back dress code.

My new skirt?  I think I can let the hem out.  Then I will have to decide if an extra inch of length makes it okay to wear.  I might have to save it for tights weather again.  Or it might have to go back to Goodwill.  $3.50 per wear isn't too bad, right??

Shirt, Tank, Shoes: Gap
Skirt:  J.Crew (Thrifted)


  1. I think it should be your next project to find a way to lengthen it, I bet you could come up with something cute!

  2. If you can't let the hem out - could you "winterize" it for next fall/winter and pair it with tights and flats? I have skirts that I will ONLY wear with tights or only wear with flats (like the one I had on today!). It is so cute, it would be such a travesty to have to donate it back to Goodwill!