Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Since I went to private school most of my formative years, I sometimes shy away from being too preppy in my clothing choices.  I'm slowly getting comfortable with pleats, plaid, polos...

As I was looking at these pictures, I realized most of the items in this outfit are somehow connected to my in-laws.
  • Skirt - present for my birthday, the first year John and I were married.  
  • Sweater Vest - a few summers ago, I was in a Bible study, and there was a mall and Starbucks right next to the church.  Nicole and Becca were shopping and saw this in the Ladies Golf clearance section, bought it for me, and then were at Starbucks, when they saw my car, so they just set it on my windshield!  So sneaky!
  • Shoes:  Becca bought these shoes from Target, and I had been looking for some cute brown shoes, so I had to go get myself a pair, too.  
Skirt: Loft
Top:  NY&Co
Sweater Vest: Lady Hagen
Shoes: Target

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  1. Oh, I love argyle and I LOVE sweater vests so an article of clothing that combines the two = heaven. I guess I am a prep at heart. I am okay with that.