Monday, April 30, 2012

Two Months Ago

I was sorting through my pictures this weekend and realized I never posted this outfit.  I wore it on Feb 29th!  I guess I just didn't have anything interesting to say about it, so never got around to posting it.  I still don't have anything interesting to say.  It was an easy outfit to throw on for work.

I also found some videos on my camera from the past couple of years.  Most of them are of my nieces.  They always convince me to do ridiculous things, like have a crazy fashion show and make a movie of it.  Of course, I'm the only grown up who will dress up and be in the fashion show.  They make their mom or John be the judge of the fashion show.  I always get last place, and they tie for first.  Someday, they will probably be super embarrassed of these movies, but for now, I'm the only one who is embarrassed.  

Happy Monday! 

Cardigan and Shoes: Gap
Top:  I.N. Studio (from Dillard's)
Jeans: Loft

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