Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Hat

When my shopping ban expired last week, I really wanted to go shopping.  I had all sorts of ideas for what I wanted to buy:  pink, red, or green skinny jeans, flat black sandals, more colorful scarves for summer,  new shorts, more skirts and dresses, the list goes on and on.  But then I had a cold and felt terrible after work on Thursday.  On Friday, I was feeling just slightly better and decided to swing by Marshall's to see what I could find.

I tried on about 20 things, but just came home with 2 items.  Some purple Reebok shorts for working out - not blog-worthy at all.  

I also got a floppy hat!  This is really exciting.  I've been wanting a floppy hat since I was last on a beach, over 2 years ago!  We just might be going on a beach vacation this summer, and I really wanted a floppy hat for it.

So, this is what I wore to work yesterday:

When it was time to take outfit photos, I thought it was time to model my hat:

Isn't it fun??   I actually had to fight off another shopper for it.  OK, not actually fight, but it was a little awkward.  I had this hat and 2 others that I kind of liked.  I took them over to a mirror, and set them down on the shelf nearby.  I was standing in front of the mirror trying on hat #1, when this woman came over and grabbed hat #2, tried it on, and maneuvered her way in front of me at the mirror.  I'm so non-confrontational, I was like "um yeah, I was just trying these hats on, because I want to buy one, so um..." and then just grabbed the other hat and backed away slowly.  Luckily the hat she stole from me was my least favorite of the three, and I really like the one I ended up with.  Crazy shoppers!  I just can't believe how rude people are sometimes.

Dress & Belt: Old Navy
Hat: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Rampage
Clip-on bow: handmade by me

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