Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Literary Junkies Link-Up #3

It's Literary Link-Up time again!  I just have to say that this group is so much fun to be part of!  I'm so glad Taylor and Lesley got it started.  Anyway, on to the questions for this month:  

1. Which book could you read over and over? Why?
I'm not much of a re-reader.  In fact, I can't even think of a book I have read twice.  There are just so many books that I haven't read yet!  There are a few books that I'd like to read again, but I'm not sure when they will make it to the top of the list.  

2. If you could be any character from any book you've read, who would you be?
These questions are so tricky!  I'm scanning through my favorite books and I wouldn't want to be any of those characters, because there's usually something really terrible that happens, and that's what makes it an interesting book.  My best pick is Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia, because wouldn't that just be amazing!?

3. Do you ever put a book down because you just can't get into it? Or do you stick it out to the bitter end? Any examples?

Very rarely do I give up on a book.  I will usually stick it out unless it is really terrible.  The only example I can think of is Eat, Pray, Love.  I really tried to like it, but after the "Eat" section, I couldn't take it anymore.  I also gave up on Les Miserables.  It was "summer reading" when I was in high school, and I only got about halfway through.

4. Show us your book shelves! Do you have one designated spot in your house for all your books? Do you scatter them around?

Most of the books we own are in the basement.  We have shelves on either side of the fireplace.  I keep the more current fiction in alphabetical order on the top shelf (except for the books that don't fit).  The next shelf is half kid books, and half miscellaneous non-fiction.  The next shelf holds the classics, and mostly Steinbeck.  I generally try not to buy books, because they are expensive and a pain to move (plus I never re-read them)!  The local library is definitely an important part of my reading plan.   

The other shelf mostly contains John's books.  I just have to show off my elephant bookends (top photo).  I got these in 2006 when I went to Kenya.  I sort of love elephants (you might notice this set on my shelf), so I had to have these when I saw them.

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  1. If my library were worth a darn, I'd totally utilize them more, but they aren't...boo!
    But I'm also a book-a-holic...so even if my library was a good one, I know I'd still have a stack of books that I owned. ;) ha!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. We were on the same brain length for #2. Every character I thought of I was like "oh, maybe not so much". Hermione? Who wants to have to be that brave? Katniss? What an awful thing to go through, twice! etc.
    I am so glad I'm not the only one that gave up on Eat, Pray, Love. I hated it! Rarely do I give up on a book, particularly a popular "summer read" as I call them. I got through the Eat section too but then something made me mad and I not only put the book down, but I gave it away with a box of other stuff.

  3. OMG Eat Pray Love is the one I couldn't get through...I never finished. I watched the movie instead haha

    Thanks for stopping by!


  4. HAHA That's awesome we picked the same one.

    I wish I frequented the library more often but it's so hard to tow a 10 month old 30+ minutes away to a place I know will take at least an hour to do what I need/want. Just doesn't usually make the cut when it comes to my "to do" list.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks for linking up! Haha guess I won't bother w/ Eat Pray Love now!

  6. Eat Pray Love wasn't my favorite book either. It was difficult to get through. It was pretty boring.


  7. i totally agree... i did NOT like eat, pray, love although the eat section was the best. the author just seemed like a self-centered b*tch to me. ugh!


  8. I could not get through Eat, Pray, Love either. I didn't even like the movie! I thought maybe the movie would be better, I didn't even get half way through it, just like the book.

    Teresa @ http://mydaystartswithchips.blogspot.com/

  9. I couldn't help but laugh when you said you wouldn't want to be most of your favorite characters since something bad happens to them!! I immediately thought of your love for Game of Thrones with that comment. :)