Monday, February 9, 2015

Get a Job

On Friday, Brynn shared 4 jobs she has had over the years.  I thought it was fun to read, so I decided to steal it.  Because that's what blogging is all about!  So here are the jobs I had before I graduated from college and got a real job:

  • Babysitting - one summer (I think I was 10 or 11), I babysat my cousin all day every day.  When I think about this now, it seems crazy.  I don't think my nieces who are 10 even stay home by themselves, let alone taking care of a toddler.  We watched The Lion King about 4000 times.  And I'm pretty sure I got paid $25 per week.  So, it wasn't a high-paying job, but at the end of the summer, I was able to buy myself a boombox (with a CD player) and a Shania Twain CD.  At the time, it seemed like a fortune.  I babysat a handful of times after that, but I wasn't really the babysitting type.  
  • Mowing Lawns - my brother started a lawn-mowing business and I was his employee.  Again, I don't think I got paid enough for my efforts, but we had fun, and I got a pretty great farmer's tan.  And a lot of girls I knew didn't even know how to start a mower, so I am glad I have that particular skill, even if I haven't used it in many years.
  • Law Firm Runner - in high school, I got my first "real" job, where I actually got a paycheck.  One of my friends had been working for her dad's law firm as a runner, and she quit to do something else, so they hired me.  This was when I thought I wanted to go to law school someday.  I quickly changed my mind.  But it was a pretty awesome job.  Filing was super easy, if at times boring.  I loved running errands around downtown, and going to the different courthouses.  Plus some of the other runners were cute boys, which was a nice bonus to a teenage girl. 
  • Receptionist - when I moved to Indiana, I worked for a gastroenterology office as a receptionist.  Here's the thing, I hated answering the phones, so this was not an ideal job for me.  Plus patients would call with extremely gross complaints, when they really should have just asked to talk to the nurse.  And I had to file the pictures from the colonoscopies, which you can't do without looking at the pictures.  The best part of this job was that we worked 9 hour days, and then closed at noon on Fridays.  
  • Target - another summer in Indiana, I ended up working at the Target.  It was weird, but pretty easy.  I got very tired of wearing red and khaki.  Whenever I am back in Indy at that Target, I sometimes see people who I was friends with for 3 months, and I'm sure they don't remember me, but I feel awkward like I should say hi.  
  • Hotel Gift Shop - during college, I got hired at a local Husker gear store.  I didn't realize the owner also ran the gift shop at a hotel, which was where I mostly worked.  Again, not a high-paying job, but it was perfect during college.  I usually worked the closing shift, from about 4-10, and it was usually really slow, so I could do homework or just watch TV or read a book.  The worst part was on Husker football game days, because we ALL had to work ALL day, but he let us leave for the game if we had tickets.  So I'd wake up at like 5am, work until game time, run to the stadium where my friends were hopefully saving me a seat, and then a few minutes before the game was over, I'd run back to the store and work until 10pm or so.  In hindsight, I'm not sure how legal that was, because we didn't get breaks other than for the game.  Anyway, the Huskers were pretty terrible those years, so I started going back to my apartment during the game to take a nap and eat something.  
So there you have it - my random jobs over the years.  The law firm was probably my favorite.  What was your favorite part-time job?

Cardigan: Gap
Top: JCF
Pants: Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: JCF


  1. I also worked at target. I never wear red and khaki together again

  2. I went to Ohio State and worked at one of the off campus bookstores an it was the same worked before the game, went to the game, then had to come back to work for awhile after. Not the most fun to spend a Saturday, but that job meant free textbooks so I didn't say no. :) If I would've worked at target I would get really sick of wearing red and khaki. I'm pretty sure I would also never have any of my paycheck left!!

  3. Mowing the lawn is the worst, but most of my youth we had the kind where you had to empty the bag every five or ten minutes. And we had so many trees and roots to deal with in the yard. I think my favorite part-time job was working in the convenience store on campus. I got to do homework, socialize, and organize stuff. Who could ask for more?

  4. My favorite part-time job was working at a locally-owned pharmacy/gift shop (a unique combination to say the least). I also worked the closing shift, so I did homework, organized pharmacy stock, and "staged" the gift shop items for display :)

  5. Really fun post, and also, this outfit is perfection! Would love to find a polka-dot button-up. Let's see, looking back, my favorite job was probably being a camp counselor during a few Summers. It was tiring work for sure, but the kids were hilarious, and it was great being outside all day. Lots of fun memories there. I've always wondered what it would be like to work at Target! I guess I never would, since it's my favorite place in the world, and I would never want to risk that. But I always think, if I were to be getting a discount anywhere...

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  6. I loved reading about the different jobs you've had, Andi! You've got quite a range of different experiences :) Also, I love the green color of the cardigan you're wearing in this outfit :)