Saturday, February 21, 2015

Neglected Plaid Popover Ideas

Well, it hasn't quite been a year since I blogged this shirt.  I'm sure I've worn it a handful of times, but I guess not as much as I should.  I bought it as a replacement for this one, which I loved, but then it got too tight.  The first one just had colors that played better with the rest of my closet.

As part of my plan to wear certain items more, I've been building Polyvore sets with outfit ideas.  Here are 4 of my ideas for this shirt.  Confession - I actually wore the navy cardigan option over Thanksgiving, but didn't take a picture.  Help me out - how else would you wear this top?  There have to be ideas other than jeans and white!

Plaid Popover Outfit ideas

Cardigan: JCF
Shirt: JCF
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
Boots: Madden


  1. Popovers are an oddity. I like them more because I feel like there's less of a chance to have my shirt gape open (or with the J.Crew ones that seems to be consistent). So to me, the colors in this plaid lend themselves more to white and summery-feeling colors and less to winter. They still suit you, but I feel like the old one was YOUR colors. Such a bummer when you wear out a closet workhorse and J.Crew doesn't re-release it. I'd say you could easily do this with a solid gray or black skirt, a-line or pencil for a casual meets business look. I noticed all the shoes are flats too. If you went with a pencil skirt, I think you could do a nude kitten heel with it. Espadrilles would look so cute with this in the summer too.

  2. You cloud wear it with a jean skirt. Also a pink cardigan over it.

    I'm now blowing over at

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  4. white jeans, navy blazer, metallic shoes, floral scarf

  5. gosh darn it andi, i love this outfit and i love that popover! i need more popovers in my life. i'd just start pairing it with any color in the plaid print, but i bet it would look especially cute with a navy skirt for a work look! i really, really love how you've worn it here with jeans and tall boots, though, and the look with the jean jacket!

  6. That popover really is cute! I love plaid shirts in bright colors (as opposed to the usual dark greens, blues, and reds). I have a similar one that I wore in the summer time with white pants and white sandals, so that could be an option. I think it would also be cute with a pink pencil skirt and metallic shoes.

  7. I love all your outfit ideas! If you want to go a little crazy you could pair it with different textures - like lace or sequins!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  8. I was going to suggest black pants, but it looks like you already have that covered. You could try pairing it with any colorful bottom (like your red orange skirt) but then go with a neutral cardigan or sweater up top?

  9. Cuuuute! I really like this, Andi! I think because there are so many great colors in this top, you could pair it with any colorful cardigan or pencil skirt (or even your red jeans? Or would that be too much color?), or with any neutral!