Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lady Who Lunches

One problem I have with LeTote  is that I want to wear cute things on days I really don't need to wear cute things.  So I end up wearing an outfit to meet John for lunch and he asks me why I'm all dressed up. Granted, this is just jeans and a top, but it feels fancy.  I love this lace tee from LeTote, and was excited to wear it.  I don't have much in this darker green color, so it was fun to wear for a day.  I paired it with white jeans because (a) my good blue jeans were both in the laundry pile (#momproblems) and (b) I thought a light bottom would be a nice contrast to the dark top.  The leopard flats were an obvious choice.  And if we are being completely honest, I just wore the jewelry for pictures, because it was pretty, but I knew Mr. Baby would try to destroy it.  My hair also went into a ponytail immediately.  And then I didn't feel quite so fancy.  And then I changed into workout clothes and went for a walk.  So I will never wear an outfit just to take blog pictures, but I will wear an outfit just to go to lunch for an hour.  Keeping it real.    

Top: LeTote (similar)
Necklace and Bracelet: LeTote
Jeans: Limited (similar)
Shoes: Target (similar, pointy toe)


  1. That's fair! :) the green and leopard is such a great combination, and I love the white jeans with it for contrast! Also, have you ever heard of The Jones Market? She lives here in Columbus and sells jewelry online that's made out of beads that are non toxic so if your baby grabs them and goes right for his mouth then no big deal. I have 2 of them now and they're honestly the only jewelry I typically have the patience to wear around my little one. :)

  2. You look great! I love this outfit! Now I need to get that cardigan back that I sent away so I can pair it with white jeans. Or just get any green top. Somehow that's something I lack. (Confession: most of my outfits these days are worn for only a few hours hours.)

  3. This was a funny post and I appreciate your honesty too! I'm sort of like you... if I'm hanging around the house, i feel a little weird putting on makeup or wearing really nice stuff, but it also makes me feel great too! I really like the color of the top on you!


  4. Love that top! Green + leopard is always a favorite combo of mine :)

  5. You look SO pretty in this shade of green, Andi! I love that you paired this top with white jeans - I feel like it makes the outfit look a little more unique. I always feel like I'm "too fancy" for certain occasions as well, but sometimes a girl just wants to dress up, right?! :)