Thursday, October 15, 2015

LeTote - One Month Review

It's been just over a month since I signed up for LeTote, and I figured it would be helpful to review it after actually getting a few things.  I've seen most bloggers write the post where they say "hey, I tried LeTote and you should too!" (which I did here) but then no follow up on how it actually goes for them.  LeTote isn't sponsoring me at all. This is just a good old-fashioned review.  And pretty wordy, so I'm sorry.  I just get tired of reading reviews that aren't thorough, so this one definitely is.

A few people asked how many totes you can get in a given month.  I got 3, but I think if I had been quicker on the wearing and returning, I could have gotten 4.  Since I'm not working, I don't have cause to get dressed up every day, so my timeline is a little delayed.  Here's an example of how it went:

Sep 10 - signed up and got the email to customize my first tote
Sep 14 - received my first tote
Sep 18 - sent it back
Sep 19 - got email to customize next tote
Sep 24 - received second tote
Sep 30 - sent it back
Oct 1 - got email to customize next tote
Oct 4 - received third tote
Oct 13 - sent it back

So there's about 5 days in between sending one back and getting a new one.  This accounts for 2 day shipping each way and the one day you have to change anything in your next tote.

So here's what I got in each of my totes during the first month, and my thoughts on each item.  And then a little summary of overall thoughts at the end.

Tote #1: I didn't customize at all.  I just took what they picked for me.  Granted, a few of the items were things I had favorited, so I can take some credit/blame.  I liked everything except the drapey cardigan.  It looked okay in the picture, but in real life, the back was very cropped, which I thought looked weird.  The jewelry is cute, but isn't really functional for me right now.  So I just wore the dress (which was too short) and the top (loved so much that I wore twice), and sent everything back.

Tote #2: I think I changed everything.  So I really liked the style of all these items.  I wore the dress and necklace to church, and wore the top and jewelry to a bridal shower, and the sweater for running errands.  This batch of items was pretty great.  

For tote #3, I had a very specific plan in mind (which very specifically failed).  I wanted dresses that I could wear to the rehearsal dinner and wedding we went to over the weekend.  I thought I picked dresses with longer hemlines, but apparently not.  When I got this box, I tried on the dresses and none of them were quite right.  I should have just immediately sent it back, but I wanted to make it work.  I even bought some ridiculous shapewear to try under the geometric dress, but it was still too short, even once the body-consciousness was dealt with.  The black dress was WAAY too short, especially with the flare.  The windowpane dress was super cute, but super low cute.  It doesn't look that way on the model, but it was not appropriate on me!  I finally thought of putting a cami underneath it.  The jewelry was cute, but again, not super functional for me.  I thought about wearing one of the necklaces to the rehearsal dinner, but Mr. Baby was with us, and I knew he'd just be grabbing it.

The other interesting part about tote #3 was that I got some defective items.  The one dress had some discoloration on the lining.  Not a big deal, but I emailed them right away to let them know it was like that when I got it.  I don't want to be charged for messing something up when I didn't do it!  They quickly replied with an apology and offered me an extra apparel item in my next tote.  I thought that meant I would get 4 apparel items in addition to the 2 accessories, but it really means I get 4 apparel items an just one accessory.  Which isn't quite as exciting, but still an upgrade.  Then I noticed the pink pendant had some chips in it, so again, I emailed to let them know.  They again apologized quickly and offered me a $10 purchase credit.  I have no intention of purchasing anything from LeTote, so I asked if I could get that $10 off my monthly rental fee, but they said no.  After persisting a little bit (because seriously, I'm not going to buy anything), they said they would add an item to my next tote.  Not sure what this is going to look like yet, but I'm glad they listened to my frustration and tried to make up for the problem.

Wow, I didn't know I would have a novel to write about this...  Anyway, in a month, I received 15 items and actually wore 8 of them.  Since I got half price for the first month, and paid $5 for insurance in case of ruining something (because baby), it was $30.  That puts the cost per wear at just under $4.  If I had worn everything, it would be at $2.  For things I buy, I like to get cost/wear down to $1 or less, but since this is a fun way to wear different things, I'm okay with the higher cost.  I'm hoping for this month to wear everything!  Since someone signed up with my referral link, I got a $15 credit, so this month is just going to be $40.  Depending on how it goes, and if anyone else uses my referral link, I may or may not keep it going.  For my current lifestyle, I don't really need new and interesting things to wear, but it is kind of fun to try new things without the commitment.  

I do think I'd really like it if I was still working.  And I would definitely do it if I was pregnant, because they just launched maternity.  Anyway, if you are interested in trying it, you can get $25 off the first month by using my referral link, and then I get $15 off, too!  I definitely think it's worth a month for that price.     


  1. What a great one month review. Totally copying you a month from now, so thanks ahead of time. I've been trying to think about how to strategize my first month and post about it. For some reason, I thought receiving items would be faster than 5 days (as I thought they claim 2 day shipping). But thanks for the low down! I just got my tote yesterday and have plenty to say about it. I look forward to you responding to this comment so we can discuss :)

  2. This is a really great review! I feel like I've been intended to write something like this for Le Tote but never get around to it. My follow ups are usually like, "still wearing Le Tote." Haha. I'm going to link back to this post next time I write about it!

  3. I've seen a lot of bloggers talk about LeTote, but this was the first time I actually understood how it works. Either I'm slow on the uptake, or your review is really great. Let's go with the latter, OK? It seems like a fun way to try new items!