Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wedding Weekend

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent the weekend at a wedding in Topeka! The church was right across the street from the state capitol building, which means the wedding photos are going to be pretty cool.  Like here, we look totally cooler than we actually are.  (that's the church in the background)  

  It also means I took a few pictures of the capitol.  I'm sort of nostalgic about my home state!  

John was a groomsman, so we spent the time between the ceremony and reception on a party bus with the rest of the wedding party.  We stopped a few places, including the middle of nowhere Kansas to take more wedding pictures!  Of course, I had to snag John for a picture of us in front of a field. 

The reception was absolutely gorgeous.  It was at the bride's parents' house, which is kind of out in the country.  They had a big tent set up, and lights everywhere.  The weather was completely perfect.  As I often do, I failed to take very many good pictures at the reception, but here's the bride and groom assessing how to best cut the cake:

We successfully got a friends picture of the women, but the guys disappeared before we could get a full group picture.  I later found them standing around the bonfire, discussing what happens when you throw ice cubes into the fire. (spoiler alert: nothing happens)  

Defeated, I gave up on a whole group picture, but I did get a selfie with the groom!  

And for those of you who read this blog for the clothes:  After my Letote dresses didn't work out quite right, I went on a mission to the mall to find something to wear.  I tried on about a million (okay, maybe like 12) dresses, and ended up buying 2 from The Limited.  I couldn't decide which one would work better when I was in the fitting room, because Mr. Baby was getting mad at me, and I couldn't think straight!  So I brought them both home and tried them on with shoes and accessories, and texted my sisters for advice.  This dress was a little fancier, so I picked it.  I was going to wear heels to the ceremony and then switch to flats, but I didn't have anywhere to keep my extra shoes, so I just went with flats for the whole day.  I also wore my gray cardigan during the ceremony in the cold church, but then it was warm enough the rest of the day to leave it off.  

Anyway, it was a super fun weekend celebrating!  I think we are done with weddings for a bit.  It was a crazy summer for weddings this year!  I think we've had 6 since June!  

Dress: Limited
Shoes: Target


  1. I thought this dress looked familiar! I really like it on you! (Generally I think everyone wear's The Limited's clothing better than their own website models) I'm curious --what was the other dress you bought? And did Mr. Baby go to the wedding? What did he wear?

  2. This dress is so pretty! I love the color and the pattern on you :) We didn't actually go to any weddings this year... My brother is getting married in May, though, and both Kevin and I are in the wedding, so that will be fun! :)