Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Currently February

File this one under "felt cute in it until I saw pictures."  I do think I'd like it better if my hair was down.  There's just too much torso going on!  I wore this on Saturday to get a pedicure and have lunch with friends.  Full disclosure: I wore flip flops most of the day so my toenails could dry.  It was about 50 degrees, so not too bad.  

Anyway, February is here, so it's time to link up with In Residence and Dearest Love to talk about what I'm currently up to.  

sending my last LeTote back this week.  It's been fun, but just doesn't make a whole lot of sense in my current life.

eating candy **hangs head in shame** Target got me with a sale.  Bad Andi.  

dreaming about summer.  It's been snowing for the last 24 hours or so, and while it is very pretty, I'm just ready for warmer weather so we can get out of the house more easily.  

smelling dinner.  As I write this on Tuesday evening, Mr. Baby is napping, Mr. Husband is shoveling the driveway, and dinner is in the crock-pot.    

hearting this stage of Mr. Baby's development.  He's so funny right now.  Babbling nonstop, always making silly faces, mimicking the things that we do.  He's so close to crawling, which I am excited for and also nervous about!  We need to get serious about baby proofing our house.

Sweater:  LeTote
Jeans: Old Navy (similar)
Shoes: Target (exact without captoe)


  1. I'm also dreaming about warm weather. Your sweater is super cute.

  2. Bad Anne too - an entire (large) bag of conversation hearts went down before February even started! Your Tuesday evening sounded so idyllic... but I'm with you on wishing for summer anyway :)

  3. bah, I hate the file you speak of. Mine is overflowing. Did I mention that I got another Le Tote-al Failure? Another Le Tote-ally sending it back right away? Anyway. A crock pot meal would really hit the spot right about now.