Monday, February 1, 2016

Zoo Jacket

Friday was a pretty warm day, so Mr. Baby and I took the opportunity to go to the zoo.  I'm so glad we got an annual pass.  We've gone 4 times since October, and I love it!  There are enough indoor areas that we don't get too cold, but on the days where it is 40 or above, we can walk around a little bit and get some fresh air and sunshine, and I can stretch my legs.  Mr. Baby doesn't stretch his legs because he is so lazy and makes me push him around in a stroller.  Also he doesn't know how to walk yet.  Typical baby.

Highlights of this zoo trip:
  • The tapirs are usually just laying in the mud, but they were swimming!
  • We saw 2 giraffes sit down. I don't think I've ever seen that before.  Their legs go all wonky! 
  • Baby orangutan!
  • The big male lion was pacing back and forth.  I call him Aslan for obvious reasons.  Anyway, he winked at me.  I wish lions were for snuggling.    
  • We sat in the aquarium tunnel for quite awhile.  I think that is Mr. Baby's favorite place because he can see all the different fish swimming around.  
  • the bears are all hiding in their caves.  It's almost like they hibernate or something.
  • The gorilla building was significantly colder than outside.  We walked all the way through and saw exactly zero gorillas.  
  • Mr. Baby lost his mind in the rain forest.  I guess he's scared of humidity or bats or something.  I had to carry him and hurry through.  We will have to try again.  
shout out to the random stranger who took our picture
Outfit note: this jacket is from LeTote.  I don't remember seeing it on my list when I approved the tote, so I was surprised to find it, but I really liked it.  The buttons are a little weird.  At first I thought one of them was broken, but then I realized they were all different for FASHUN reasons.  It was a perfect jacket for a moderately nice January zoo trip.  

Jacket: LeTote (exact)
Sweater: Gap (ridiculously priced option, tunic option)
Jeans: Old Navy (similar)
Boots: Madden (exact)


  1. Haha oh FASHUN :) And I can't believe Mr Baby was being a typical baby. Boo. I think we're going to get a zoo pass this year! A lot of my friends have them so we thought it might be a fun outing this spring!

  2. This post has the perfect amount of - what's the word - sass? Snark? Sarcasm? Whatever it is, I love it. Keep up the good work. But yeah, zoo passes are awesome. You get your money's worth so quickly, even if the animals aren't being particularly cooperative/active on a given day. I went this weekend and it was packed. It's like people like to be outside when the weather is nice or something.

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