Monday, February 8, 2016

Sweater Dress

Here's what I wore to church last week.  We didn't go yesterday because we all have colds and didn't think we should share them with anyone else.  This was another LeTote dress, which was slightly too short, but I think okay with tights.  They definitely don't expect you to be tall and somewhat modest.

Anyway, this was my last LeTote item, so I'll be done with box clothes for awhile.  Unless I have any pictures that I haven't blogged yet.  There might be one or two outfits still in line.  I'll write up a final recap at some point, and share my thoughts after subscribing for a few months.

Dress:  LeTote (similar, similar)
Coat: Old Navy (similar)
Shoes: JCF (exact)


  1. I like this dress! I would put it on my request list, except I think I'm done. I just got another tote today and everything is so disappointing. The only problem is that I have $20 of credits and I don't know what to buy.. which means that either I keep getting more totes in hopes of finding something buy-able. And I'm sure by the time I find something I like, I'll rack up more credits. BAH

  2. I am surprised this is a sweater dress! It looks much more structured and chic than most sweater dresses I see. I usually have the opposite problem in that most retailers create clothes for someone much taller than me. :)