Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Guster Love

John and I recently went to see Guster when they were in town.  I was thinking about it, and I'm pretty sure it's the sixth time I've seen them.  As always, they put on a great show.  And I get all nostalgic about the other times I have seen them.  It's funny, but they are kind of part of the story of John and me getting together.  So if you'll indulge me (or don't, I'll never know if you stop reading now), here's some random stories about past Guster concerts and miscellany.

Summer 2004:  Ben Folds was playing in Indianapolis.  My family had just moved there and I had exactly zero friends.  I convinced my brother to drive up and we went to the concert.  A band we had never heard of was co-headlining, and I was an instant fan.  Pretty much immediately bought all of their albums and told everyone I knew to listen to them.

April 2006:  Guster played in Lincoln, where I was in college.  John and I were good friends, and I convinced him to go along.  I'm sure I had made him listen to them a fair amount by then.  (Full disclosure: I had a boyfriend at the time, but he lived out of town, and well... we didn't really like each other by that point, but I think were waiting to break up in person).

May 2006:  I was packing up to go home for the summer.  John was hanging out while I packed. I remembered that I wanted to pre-order the new album that was going to release later that summer.  John insisted that he would buy it for me.  At the time, I had no idea why, but looking back, we were obviously in love with each other.  I just still happened to have that boyfriend, who I really wasn't even talking to at that point.  Oops.  Really should have just done a phone break up.

July 2006:  After getting back to Indy, officially becoming single again, and talking to John on the phone for hours most days, he came to visit and asked me to be his girlfriend.  Well, of course!  The next day, we went downtown with the intention of attending a baseball game, but then decided to just walk around instead.   The canal is ridiculously romantic anyway, and we were just enjoying the evening strolling along being obnoxiously happy.  As we walked, we started to hear music from the nearby White River State park, so we headed that direction to see who was playing.   You'll never guess.  Okay, it's obvious by now that it was Guster.  I had no idea they were in town, or we would have gotten tickets!  But it all worked out because you can hear perfectly from outside of the venue, so we just sat on a bench and got a free concert.  It was one of the most fun coincidences ever.  And I cannot confirm or deny, but it's possible that we first said "I love you" while they were playing Diane.    

Okay, I guess that's the end of the significant moments.  Since then, John and I just go see them whenever they are nearby.  I think their 2010 stop in Omaha was one of the best concerts I've been to.   And at this most recent show, we randomly ran into 2 of my old co-workers and had fun catching up with them.
waiting for the doors to open in the freezing wind

I totally failed at taking outfit photos, which is a bummer, because I actually wore my hair down since Mr. Baby wasn't with us. (Sidenote- there were 2 little kids at the show, like 3-4 years old.  Come on, get a babysitter!  Poor little dudes looked miserable).   But if you are curious, I wore my elephant tee shirt, camel cardigan, skinny jeans, and cognac boots.  And the waitress at dinner LOVED my shirt.



  1. I only saw Guster once, when I was in college, but it was a great show! It's cute that they are a part of your love story!

  2. I don't understand people's choices sometimes. Why would you bring a child that young to the show? I mean, I guess I heard that children should be exposed to music, but I feel like that's not what they meant...