Thursday, January 28, 2016

Budget Rewind - January 2015

Well, last January I mostly bought maternity clothes.  But I can still say whether or not they were smart purchases, even if they were only relevant for half of the year! 

Loft Maternity Paisley Print Shorts: $4 I love these shorts and wore them a ton, both during and after pregnancy.  Seriously, I was wearing them for a few months post partum, because they were so comfortable.  
Loft Maternity Navy Dress: $14 - I forgot this dress was so cheap!  Another one that I wore a lot.  

Old Navy Maternity Black Polka Dot Ponte Dress: $16 - this was my other favorite maternity dress.  My only complaint is that the dots are kind of velvety, and they attract fuzz.  I don't think it's noticeable from far away, but it kind of annoyed me.  

Gap Maternity navy sparkle tee: $6 - this tee is cute, but the glitter is kind of scratchy.  I thought I'd wear it after baby arrived, but it was too scratchy.  
Loft Maternity Floral Jacquard Tee: $16 - I really loved this the first time I wore it, but it didn't hold up well in the wash.  
Old Navy Maternity Black Pixie Pants: $32 - I got it into my head that I needed black pants, because I wanted an option for work that didn't involve tights.  I liked these, but probably spent more than I should have on them.  
Gap Camo shorts: $2 - these have been nice lounge shorts for around the house.  I think they are meant for wearing out in public, but I don't think I ever will!

Gap Gray skirt: $8 - not a maternity skirt, just a size too big.  So I liked it while I was pregnant, but then it doesn't fit my normal self.  I can't decide if I should try to take it in a bit, or just sell it.  I don't wear skirts as much anymore, so it might not be worth the effort.  
Loft Maternity Foil Layering Tee: $12 - this seemed like such a perfect basic tee, but I think I wore it twice. 
Old Navy Maternity Black Paisley Top: $13 - pretty top, but the sleeves are randomly tight at the opening, so it's kind of awkward.  I only wore it a few times because of that.  

So all in all, not terrible.  Even my bad purchases aren't too embarrassing.  Honestly, maternity shopping is super awkward, especially since I ordered almost everything online.  And then you get it and it's like "well, I can put it on... guess I will keep it!" instead of the normal idea of wanting things to fit a certain way.  And then the things you really like have an expiration date, and then you box them up to maybe wear again some day.  It's so weird.  


  1. I've wondered what it would be like to do maternity shopping. Like, do you just want comfortable things that fit, or do you want to be stylish? Either way. Good job with your purchases!

  2. Oh you nailed maternity shopping in that last paragraph! If it fits, you'll wear it, even if it's not the kind of fit you'd be happy with in a regular non-maternity piece. I've bought a lot more this time around with this pregnancy as I wanted pieces I felt good in the whole time, but there are a few pieces I definitely don't see myself keeping after baby's born.

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