Thursday, January 14, 2016

Budget Rewind - December 2013

Quick, before we are halfway done with January, I still need to do my Dec13 rewind!!!  December 2013 was a fairly big month for shopping and presents!  Awesomely, all of the presents I got were things that I have liked and worn a fair amount, so we will lump those all into the good category!  

Christmas Presents:
Gap boyfriend cardigan - Black
Gap Black/White striped tank
Gap boyfriend cardigan - Pink
Gap workout pants
Target Red polka dot scarf
Old Navy Polar bear sweatshirt

So then these are the things I actually bought.  

Good - these are all boring staples that I have worn a bunch.  
Gap Black and White camis: $6/each  
Gap Pajama pants: $10 
Gap Workout pants: $11 
Gap Workout capris: $11 
Target Black tights: $4 
Target Navy tights: $6 

Gap Black skinny jeans: $30 - I probably paid more than I should have for these, but they have been a good staple.  They were starting to look faded, so I sent them to Goodwill recently.  
Gap Cream sweater: $8 - I got this to replace 2 similar sweaters that we're starting to look ratty.  This one is okay but a little boxy.  
Gap Navy top: $4 - on the good side of medium, this is a nice neutral tank to wear.
Gap Coral top: $4 - on the bad side of medium, I just don't wear it as much.  
Fleece-lined legging tights: $7 - medium because I don't remember what these are!
Thick footless tights: $5 - medium because I don't remember what these are!

Calvin Klein gloves: $12 - these are pretty but I rarely wear them.

So not my best month, but not my worst.

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