Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Budget Rewind - December 2014

The next several months of budget rewind are going to be weird, because I was pretty much buying maternity clothes.  So here's December 2014

  • Belly bands - I got a lot of use out of these in the first few months.  I was able to keep wearing my normal jeans and skirts way past the point of being able to zip them.  
  • Jeans - Most of the jeans I bought were good.  The only ones that didn't really work out were the H&M Treggings, because the legs were so tight, but the waist band was so loose, they just kept falling down.  Not a good look. 
  • Tights!  Listen, if you are pregnant and wear skirts or dresses, you NEED to get maternity tights. These were so comfortable.  The Old Navy ones were my favorite.  The H&M ones weren't long enough for my legs.
  • Black and tan dress - I ordered these 3 dresses on a whim when Younker's was having an additional sale on clearance.  This one was great.  The others... skip down a few categories.  
  • Coat - I definitely needed a maternity coat.  This one was probably a little more fancy and expensive than I needed.
  • Kohl's shirts - using a gift card, I got the marled sweater, and a white ruffly tank top. While I normally wouldn't have bought these, I did like them and wore them quite a bit.
  • Old Navy sweaters - Christmas gifts from my in-laws!  I really liked both of these sweaters, but I just wasn't into thicker sweaters as much while I was pregnant.  Probably because I was hot all the time.  

  • 2 blue Younker's dresses (here and here).  These were both terrible.  I wore them a couple times just out of stubbornness, but they were made for someone about 6 inches shorter than me, who happens to have a very flat chest.  
The good news is that I spent birthday money on all these things, so it didn't cut into my clothing budget.  And for going into pregnancy with no idea what might fit, and having to order most things online, I think I did okay.  


  1. I so wish I had bought maternity tights. I tried to get away with leggings and regular tights, and it really wasn't working by the time the cold weather set in for my last trimester!

  2. Now that you have been pregnant in the winter, would you do it again? Or would you choose to be pregnant in hot hot hot summer?