Friday, January 22, 2016

Errands Outfit

Well, happy Friday!  Here's a super casual outfit that I wore for running errands the other day.  This is a sweatshirt from LeTote, which I really like, except why the 3/4 sleeves??  I just don't know what kind of weather would make a 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt necessary.

Also, vests.  I really don't get winter vests.  If I need a coat, I want it to have sleeves, thanks.

Sweatshirt: LeTote
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Converse


  1. I think the answer to your question would be: layering. For example, today I wore a sweater and a scarf but it just wasn't enough. So I added a long sleeve tee underneath. Still not enough. So I added a vest. And that was perfect. I imagine you could layer with that sweatshirt as well. But I get your point(s).

  2. Lol. I get what you're saying. I wear 3/4 sleeve tops fairly often, but I run hot and wear 3/4 sleeve tops in 50ish degree weather, which we have a lot of here. I also didn't get vests much either for many years, but, similar to Kate, they're the perfect layer for the kind of weather we have in Georgia. They keep me warm over long sleeve tops and then with a hat and gloves I love it. But I have unusually large upper arms and it makes jackets super hard to find and wear comfortably.