Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January shopping (and girl talk)

January wasn't a very big shopping month.  I did get some presents, though!

The Old Navy sweater was a Christmas present and I love it.  Most of my sweaters are getting kind of old, so I am getting rid of some and am happy to have a fun new addition.

The shoes were a birthday present, but they were back-ordered and finally arrived, just in time for it to be way too snowy and cold for flats.  I love them so much, even if they are probably fancier than I need at this point.  I am still in need of some more casual black flats.  I think these will be great for fancy occasions when I don't want to wear heels.

**Dad, if you are reading this, stop here.  I'm going to talk about bras**

My main shopping endeavor was the always complicated search for a good bra in the proper size.  This is way more complicated than it should be.  Several months ago, Nicole wrote about her bra sizing adventures, and shared this reddit that I ignored because I was so sure I had the right size bras.  Then I ordered a couple more of my favorite brand and was horrified that they changed the design and I no longer like them at all!  (it's like when your favorite shampoo and conditioner get discontinued... NOOOOOO!).  So I referenced back to that reddit and according to them, I've been waaay off on my size.  And as I read it, I realized yeah, my bras really don't fit properly at all (shoulder straps all falling off, uncomfortable, etc).  And guess what, my new size is not really something anyone has ever heard of before and is only available online.  So I ordered a few options to try out.  Of the first 3 I ordered, only 1 seems to work, so I returned the others.  After wearing the new one a few times, I have realized it's so much better, but still not perfect.  So the quest continues.  If Tom Cruise want an impossible mission, he should try being a lady on the hunt for a perfect-fitting bra.  But seriously, go to the reddit and measure yourself.  It will probably surprise you!

So as far as budget goes, I just spent $30 on the one bra that I am keeping.  I've ordered a few more, but will count them to February if I keep them once they arrive.

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  1. Bra shopping is always the hardest.

  2. I actually bought a new bra this summer and it has been a game changer - not because it was finally the right size, but because it was my first new one in yeaaars. I didn't realize there's a huge difference between a brand new bra and a six year old bra. Thanks for sharing the link! It will be interesting to see what my real size is.

    On another note, are you doing budget rewinds again? Are you going to do both '15 and '14? (Sorry, I can't wait to find out.)

  3. $30 isn't bad for a good bra at all. For a long time I was stuffing myself into a "c." Needless to say, when I went to a store that didn't have pink walls and got a legit fitting, that bra fit so much better. Also I'm sure things have changed since the baby came too. I don't know too many women that don't cite that as the first strange thing that happens after kids.