Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Star Wars

Ever since I signed up for LeTote, I've wanted them to send me this dress.  Of course it was never available when I had a wedding or a Broadway show to attend.  When it was finally sent to me, I had no fancy events.  So I just wore it to see Star Wars.  Obviously.

John and I had a little date night with dinner and the movie.  I felt quite overdressed but I really love this dress and am glad I got to wear it! As always with LeTote dresses, it was a tad short for me, but with tights; it was fine.

And the movie was pretty good.  I'd like to see it again, but who has time for that?  I'm sure we will buy it when it comes out on BluRay, because someone in my house is a fairly big Star Wars fan (spoiler alert: it isn't me or Mr. Baby).

Dress: LeTote (use my code to get half off your first month (exact)
Cardigan: Gap (similar)
Boots: Madden (exact)


  1. Prefect dress for a date night. I will also be buying the movie when it hit blue ray.

  2. I asked my hubs if we're going to buy the blu-rays one by one or just wait until they come out in the three-pack. "Realistically, both," he said. Oy. But hooray for finally getting the dress! You look great in it!