Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Shopping

Another month gone means it is time to review what I added to my closet!  Here are the details:  

Loft Maternity:
Floral Jacquard Tee: $16 (originally $45) (worn here)
Foil Layering Tee: $12 (originally $35)
Paisley Print Shorts: $4 (originally $55)
Navy Dress: $14 (originally $90)

Old Navy Maternity
Black Paisley Top: $13 (originally $30) (worn here)
Black Polka Dot Ponte Dress: $16 (originally $30) (worn here)
Black Pixie Pants: $32 (originally $35) (worn here)

Gray skirt: $8 (originally $55)
Maternity navy sparkle tee: $6 (originally $25)
Camo shorts: $2 (originally $45)

Total Spent: $123 (originally $445)
Total earned selling old stuff: $40
Total out of budget: $83

I feel pretty great about everything I got this month.  The maternity items I ordered online all worked out when they arrived, which was awesome.  And the 2 non-maternity items I got at Gap fit now and (thanks to elastic waistbands) should still work post-pregnancy.  The camo shorts are ridiculous (I couldn't find anything similar online).  I grabbed them to try on because they were so cheap, and I thought they might be good for lounging around the house.  But then I kind of loved them when I tried them on.  We will see how I feel this summer, and if any of my other shorts fit.  I might be rocking camo shorts a lot.

Question for those of you who keep a clothing budget: how do you handle extra money from a prior year?  Basically, I give myself $100 per month for clothes, and I let it roll over each month.  But for 2014, I had $212 leftover at the end of December.  Should I just call that a win and start fresh as of 2015?  Or should I take that $212 and buy something I normally wouldn't?  Or should I donate it to the baby supply fund and buy the kid a car-seat (just kidding, I will get him a car-seat no matter what).  What do you do for this?

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  1. Wow! How often does it work out that everything you order fits?! That's impressive...especially with a changing pregnancy body! And with your extra money, I vote for splurging on something you wouldn't normall splurge on. I can't wait to hear what you do with it!

  2. I would roll the money over to this year budget.

  3. I would put it in the baby fund. But I'm just the kind of person who would probably later down the road look at whatever I spent that extra money on (let's say, boots) and think "ugh, those boots could pay for x number of diapers". From what I gather, diapers are a money suck. But then again, maybe it's one of the last times you can splurge on yourself guilt-free. Helpful, I know :)

  4. I say buy yourself something fun for sure! Or splurge on a great diaper bag that you might not otherwise if you feel like you *should* put it toward baby stuff. Looks like some smart shopping this month, by the way - I had a striped version of that Old Navy t-shirt dress and wore it so much. The tees will get tons of use too of course, and I loved fitted tees once I had a good bump going. A bit simpler than my normal style, but the belly is enough of an accessory that they can actually make great outfits on their own :)

  5. I think I'm with Kate on this one--I would add the leftover funds from 2014 to a baby fund! That being said, I don't have kids, so I just assume that they're expensive little boogers. Maybe put it toward something both you and the baby would benefit from, like a nice diaper bag?

  6. I don't usually roll it over from year to year, but you have special circumstances this year. I would put it towards baby stuff and feel good about the little extra from last year, while still putting it to something new and exciting this year (meaning the babes!) I like the idea of spending on the diaper bag, because technically it's for the baby but could also be a new accessory for you!


  7. I like the diaper bag idea too! If you wanted to really test your will power you could save it for a little shopping spree for yourself after baby. I had my son the beginning of November and I'm thinking by beginning of March I think physically I'll be at the point where I feel my size will be stabilized and Imay treat myself to some new things that fit my changed body and lifestyle. That's a long time to hold onto that extra piece of budget though! :)

  8. I say buy yourself a nice diaper bag- that way you're buying something for you and the baby! Win win in my eyes! And I can't wait to see how you style the gray polka dot dress. I want it in non maternity!

  9. Oh, you don't need a carseat :) Jussst kidding. I say get yourself something nice! I like Danielle's idea of a nice diaper bag. or a pair of shoes, since they will fit now and later. Or save it until you are back to your normal size (hasn't happened for me yet!) and get some clothes!

    And yay for all of the maternity buys! I never got anything from LOFT maternity but I really wanted to. I just never made it in store and wasn't willing to risk paying for shipping. You are definitely a stylish pregnant lady!

  10. You got some great maternity pieces that will help extend your wardrobe over the next couple of months! And what a score that the non-maternity pieces work for you now, too! That's awesome. I'm really torn about what I'd do with the extra $212 from last year's budget. I like the idea of getting yourself something fun and "splurgey" but I also am super practical and budget-conscious so I might consider putting it into a baby fund. Or saving the money and buying yourself something that you feel amazing in right after the baby is born. My cousin who just had a baby in November had been feeling really down because her body has not bounced back quickly - she doesn't want to continue wearing her maternity pants, but she also doesn't fit into her jeans from before...when she went out and bought a pair of jeans that fit her "now" body, she said she's really felt great about herself and her body! Just an idea to hang onto just in case :)

  11. Great maternity picks. Did Loft always have maternity clothes?

    And you should be so proud you have over 200 bucks left over. I would say a couple of months after the baby is born , you and John should go on a fancy dinner date while baby is home with grandma. this way you do something nice with the money for the two of you.