Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Currently January

In blog-related news, yesterday's post was my 900th!  That's so crazy to me.  I noticed I was getting close before Christmas, and meant to do a special post making a big deal out of it, but then I completely forgot, and it was just my Christmas recap.  That's pretty good though.  Maybe I will hit 1000 before baby Smith arrives!

Anyway,  another month means another Currently post.  Here's what I'm up to:

Planning: for a new baby to arrive in just 4 months!  EEK!  How did time fly by so quickly?  I'm trying to get all registered and then plan out a few DIY projects for the nursery.  I really want to use some furniture that we already have, so I'll be trying to freshen them up a bit.

Hoping:  that the next several months go as smoothly as possible.  Praying for a healthy baby and a healthy me.

Baking:  still not baking anything.  I'm tempted to whip up some cookies just so I have something to say, but no.

Wearing: anything that still fits!   A lot of my regular clothes still fit, but just aren't as comfortable or flattering as maternity options.  I've ordered a few more things online this week, so I'm hoping those will give me some new inspiration.  And I will continue to rely on scarves and cardigans to add color to the neutral maternity options I have found.

Resolving:  I don't really do resolutions anymore.  If anything, I'm trying to really live in the present this year, and not worry about what is coming next, or over-analyze what I should have done differently yesterday.  Everyone tells you how fast the years go by when you have a baby, so I want to treasure every moment (and I know I won't, because it's going to be tough)!

What are you currently doing?  Link up with  In Residence and Dearest Love to share your answers! 

Scarf: CK
Maternity Dress: Younkers (similar)
Belt: Gap  (exact)
Tights: Target (similar)
Boots: Madden  (exact)


  1. congrats on your 900th post. I know you got to be having tons of fun getting ready for the baby.

  2. I'm with you on living in the present! Really working on that around here this year, and starting to practice it before baby arrives is smart... though there is a lot of planning to do isn't there? Hope you'll share your DIY nursery projects though - sounds fun! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Cute combo! Time does fly, can't belive you're due in four months!

  4. Technically, you're baking a baby. I love the navy and lace. You are absolutely glowing.

  5. Cute dress! I really like the lace on the dress with the stripes on the cardigan. Great combo! I don't make resolutions anymore either. If I want to make a personal goal, I find it better to start it whenever I need to. Starting a goal January 1st doesn't make me any more likely to follow through with it!

  6. That outfit is really cute! I love the lace. Praying for you and a healthy baby!!
    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Ah! I can't wait for Baby Smith to arrive! Only 4 months left? That's coming up quickly :) And congratulations on 900 posts - that's so awesome! I'm like halfway to 900, haha. (Although as I'm typing this, I just realized that today is my blog's two year birthday!!)