Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bella Gravida Recap

Continuing the trend of posting outfits a month after I wear them...

This skirt is the last of my items from Bella Gravida.  I really liked getting some fun maternity clothes, and probably would have kept it if I was still working.  But as I've said a million times, being a SAHM, I really don't need pretty skirts and dresses very often.  

After doing a few months of LeTote, and now doing a couple months of Bella Gravida, I guess I should compare the two.  Of course, if you aren't pregnant, the Bella Gravida review isn't particularly relevant, but maybe it will be helpful in the future.  So I guess I'll just break out my favorite things about each option:

Bella Gravida wins at:
  • Actual clothes - I generally liked almost everything that they sent me.  Your account has a closet that you put things in, and they only send you things from the closet.  Sizes were somewhat limited, so I ended up putting things that I was kind of iffy about in my closet, but everything they sent me fit and I actually wore!  LeTote sent me quite a few things that either didn't fit at all, or I didn't like the style of and just sent back.  Also, most of the clothes I got from BG were new with tags!  Probably because they are a newer company, but still, it was awesome!  
  • Rotation timing - shipping seemed faster, and they would start preparing your new items when you notified them that the others were on the way back.  The turnaround was MUCH faster than with LeTote.  They also sent items in separate boxes with separate return envelopes, so I could wear a shirt and send it back right away instead of waiting to wear my other 2 items.  
  • Customer service - I got a very sweet handwritten note with every box I received!  Sometimes it was just a comment about something in the box, but other times reminders about how to get the most out of the service.  
LeTote wins at:
  • size availability - while I didn't always like the styles, there were plenty of options in my size range.
  • shipment tracking info - I liked being able to check on when my items would arrive, but it was slower than Bella Gravida. 
  • customization of items - LeTote would email and say "hey, your tote is ready, take a look!" and then you could go in and change anything that you didn't want.  

So anyway, I think I'm done with box clothes for now.  I do think it's a pretty cool concept, but the normal monthly cost is too high for me.  I do like how they give you one month at a discount so you can try it out.  Once I'm not pregnant, I might have to try Gwynnie Bee, because they have a month free trial!  Any other clothing rental companies I should know about??

Skirt: Bellyssima via Bella Gravida
Tee: ON Maternity
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Target

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these boxes.