Thursday, May 12, 2016


I can hardly believe that my little Mr. Baby turned one this week.  They say time flies and it really does.  I'm not a "mommy blogger" so I haven't been posting monthly updates on the boy, but I figured a quick montage of his monthly pictures as appropriate, just this once.  This chair is older than me; my parents bought it a few years before I was born, and then I claimed it when they redecorated in the 90s.  I love that it is in Mr. Baby's room, and knew I wanted to use it for his monthly pictures.  I did not consider that once he got wiggly, it would become exceedingly difficult to get him sitting still in the chair.  I have many outtakes of him diving at me!  



So anyway, we officially made it through the first year.  It was overwhelming and wonderful and too slow and too fast and just kind of unbelievable.  There are a lot of cliches about babies and parenting, but they sure seem true to me right now.  

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  1. Wow, that went fast! Mr. Baby is seriously the cutest.