Thursday, May 5, 2016

Zebra Tee

So here's an outfit that I wore about a month ago.  If I remember correctly, Mr. Baby and I had lunch with John, and then walked around the mall a little bit before going to a doctor's appointment.  But then we were getting onto the elevator for the doctor's office, and they called to cancel, because the doctor had to go deliver a baby.  But then I went up to the office to reschedule, and they said that the doctor actually had time to see me before she left.  So I felt a little awkward because I was worried about the woman who needed to give birth!  But I assume the doctor was being responsible with her time, right?

These are the boring OB visits.  I know baby is fine because he's kicking me all the time, so hearing the heartbeat isn't as important to me as it was during those earlier visits.  It's mostly just "how are you?"  "more uncomfortable than last appt."  "Okay, sounds about right! See you in a few weeks!"

Cardigan: ON
Tee: Everly Gray via Bella Gravida
Jeans: ON Maternity
Shoes: Target

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