Friday, May 13, 2016

Orange Blouse

Well, I'm still about a month behind on posting outfits.  This was from early April when we went out to dinner with John's mom and grandpa.  I, of course, took the opportunity to wear one of my maternity box clothing items.  I don't love this orange blouse, but it was something different to wear. Plus we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, so that was fun!

ETA:  I'm totally cheating and linking up with Third Thursday Threads, because I can't be trusted to pay attention and actually post the theme on the proper day.  But white jeans from last Friday seems recent enough, right?

Jacket: JCF
Top: Lilac via Bella Gravida
Jeans: ON Maternity
Shoes: Target


  1. So cute - poppy orange, denim jackets, and white jeans are three of my favorite wardrobe things, so even better all together!

  2. White jeans from last Friday is totally perfect :) Thanks for linking up!!