Monday, July 14, 2014

J.Crew Addict?

About a week before I left for Indiana, I ordered 3 things from the J.Crew factory.  These shorts (in bright yellow) arrived before I left.  I love them, but they are a little too small, so I think I will have to return them, unless I lose about 5lbs before I make it out to the outlet mall.

My 2 other purchases (the Clare cardigan in brocade blue and this top in vibrant fuchsia) arrived while I was gone, but John was still home, so he rescued them from the front porch.  Then I bought this skirt at the regular J.Crew in Indy.

I wore this outfit on the first day back to work, and met John for lunch because we had no groceries at home.  He commented on my skirt, and I said it was new - from J.Crew.  Then the conversation went something like this:

John: Do you have a J.Crew addiction?
Andi: no - well, maybe a little.
John:  And is J.Crew more or less expensive than the Gap?
Andi:  welllll...

I then explained to him my new-ish shopping philosophy, where instead of buying 3 t-shirts at the Gap for $7 each and then rarely wearing them, I would buy a maxi skirt at the J.Crew for $22 and wear it more frequently.  It's just math!

Anyway, this is my new skirt and I love it.  For the first outfit, I went with the most obvious pairing of a white tee and cognac accessories.  I felt very fancy all day long!   

Tee: Gap (option, option, option)
Belt: Gap (similar)
Skirt: J.Crew (exact)
Watch: Fossil (similar)
Necklace: Old Navy (similar)
Sandals: Target (similar)


  1. I heart J.Crew so I'm with you all the way!

  2. You look very fancy! Love this skirt. I actually just made my first ever J. Crew Factory purchases (ever!)

  3. I can see why you love it! That is a great skirt! I see so many amazing deals from other bloggers from J Crew Factory I need to get down there more often! Or they need to open one closer.

  4. You will get a lot of use out of the maxi skirt. I have never shopped at Jcrew. My jcrew items have been hand me down. Also today I got 2 Jcrew items from the recycling center.

  5. I was worried I've started to develop a little JCF addiction lately, but I'm just so enamored with the quality of some of the pieces, and I'm paying only a little more than I would at typical mall stores. I think as long as you're buying pieces you love, are staying in your budget, and aren't just buying because of the brand, you're in a fine place. But that's just me. The me who is also loving your outfit. I would wear it all the time.

  6. J Crew is an amazing store! I'm glad the factory outlet is less expensive LOL. Lovely look. That top is so pretty!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  7. Haha, I am perusing the JCF website as I read blogs--I just had to check out the extra 30% off sale!
    I love their colorful shorts and even have the exact yellow pair you mentioned. Bummer that they didn't work out for you, but they have about a zillion other fun colors.
    Love that maxi skirt too!

  8. I seriously love j.crew and having the outlet so close is the best! Cute skirt!

  9. I really love this outfit - you look great in this maxi skirt! Navy is "your color" - seriously, every time you wear it, you look so wonderful!! I have not jumped on the J.Crew or J.Crew Factory train yet...I feel like they probably have some nice basics but I wonder if the quality is really that much better for tees, cardigans, sweaters, etc? Like, is it worth it? I'm so frugal (no, CHEAP, ha!) that I worry that I'll buy something from there that won't last me as long as some of my less expensive things...but I'm trying hard to improve the quality of the pieces I wear because I'm a grownup now, haha. SHOPPING IS HARD!